Adaptive Athletics

Activities for those with special needs.

Since May 2021, Yate Athletics Club has begun a new programme with support from Sport England and South Gloucestershire Council and Yate Town Council, to provide special adapted sessions in athletics.  We are moving from old terminology like “disabled” athletics and “disability” athletics which focus on what people cannot do, to activities which are adapted to empower and develop the individual.

We have a simple approach:

“Respect the person and adapt the activity”

The development plan for Adaptive Athletics is long term and it expects to work with people with a wide range of needs and skills.

There are scheduled daytime sessions as well as after-school sessions.

Adults will also take part in evening sessions and all-day events.

During 2021 we expect these activities to be empowering and self-sustaining – we wish the participants to develop individually according to their capabilities.

We are accumulating the necessary physical resources through grants and are training and supporting coaches and assistants as necessary. We are building partnerships with local schools and organisations.

The programme runs at different times on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with a new programme for youth and adults who wish to progress in para-athletics.  This will allow participants to try out in wheelchair racing, frame running as well as specially adapted seated throws and also traditional running and jumping events.  These sessions are likely to be on Mondays and Fridays.

We have also organised competitions for young people and adults to allow them to demonstrate their progress.

For further information contact Jim or Jeremy on

England Athletics Vision Statement for Disability Athletes:
“To develop an informed, educated and inclusive athletics community and create a clear pathway to ensure that people with a disability are supported to participate, progress and perform in athletics.”