and welcome to Yate & District AC

Situated near Bristol and Bath, we are a successful, friendly athletic club with one of the best athletics facilities in the South West!

Serving the local area since our formation in 1983, we welcome athletes of all ages and ability.

2019 will be a very exciting year for the club with its brand new track. 

There has never been a better time to join!

New to the club and want to join?

2018 member wanting to renew?

Why not come along and join us?

Our coaches can support you to reach your full potential, whether that’s competing to a national standard, or, just coming along to have some fun and keep fit.

Registration includes a competition vest, and for athletes aged 11 and over, registration with England Athletics (most events will require you to be registered with EA to compete– and your EA card will get you discounts in most running shops).

Membership also entitles you to muddier winter competition with our partner club Westbury Harriers– you will need to complete an affiliation form with them too and now, because of recent EA changes, an other discipline form – please remember that you will need to wear a Westbury vest when competing on the Road or in Cross Country. And affiliated Westbury members should wear a Yate vest when competing on the track.

Registration and Renewal fees

These are as follows, (please note our £5 discount for additional competitive members):

  JUNIOR            (YEARs 4&5) COMPETITIVE
(AGE 11-19)
REGISTRATION £10 (includes a competition vest) £30 (includes a competition vest & EA registration) £40 (includes a competition vest & EA registration)
RENEWAL (BY MARCH 31ST) £10 £20 (includes EA registration) £30 (includes EA registration)
FAMILY DISCOUNT £5 discount for each additional competitive membership (does not apply to Juniors)
WESTBURY HARRIERS AFFILIATED MEMBERSHIP If you’re already a member of Westbury Harriers, you can also compete on the track for Yate AC in the summer. We’ll need you to complete a membership form and EA also require an other discipline form signed by both clubs. Competition Vests are available for £12.

Studying away from home?

If you are studying away from home, so won’t be able to make it to training, but fancy competing for us over the Summer, or if the Midland League is coming to your area, then you can take advantage of our Special £15 Student Renewal Rate. Please contact our Membership Secretary, Ellen Taylor (below) if you need any clarification.

Higher Claim

Although Yate AC are already competing to a high standard in both the YDL and Midland leagues,  you may be invited to compete for another club at a higher level still. If that happens there’s no need to leave us, you can maintain your membership here at Yate, and still compete for us locally and regionally whilst taking out a Higher Claim affiliation to the other club so that you can compete for them in National competitions. Have a chat to your coach and talk to us about what may be the best solution for you. We’d love to keep you!

Transferring from another club

If you are currently, or have ever been, registered with another club, you will need to request a transfer through England Athletics before we are able to register you with Yate and District AC.

This is a convoluted process that has been somewhat improved this year by the introduction of an online form. You will need to complete this form which will then be sent to your old club for approval before being assessed by a virtual committee from England Athletics. England Athletics may require a £10 admin fee to perform the transfer, and the whole process will take around a month to complete.

Links to the online transfer form can be found here.

If you currently compete for an off road club you may be able to maintain two memberships by completing an other discipline form. This will need to be submitted to your original club in order for them to authorise you competing for Yate on the track.

Links to the other discipline form can be found here

If you are considering transferring your membership from Yate, please do have a chat to your coach first, it may be that all you really need is a higher claim with another club – and we’d love you to stay.