Anthony Glover joined our coaching team in 2021.

Although still active as an athlete, he has started his journey to develop as a coach and to develop athletes in their quest to improve.

In Anthony’s own words :-

“I have been a competitive athlete for 35 years and still compete for Yate AC and Westbury Harriers as well as Northern Ireland Masters. My favourite disciplines are middle distance track events (800m, 1500m and 3000m) though road, cross country, and off road racing plays a big part in my athletics participation.

In 2021 I started to pursue my long term ambition to coach endurance athletics, specifically middle distance track events. I recognise how hard it is to do well, to do the best you can. I want to be part of the process that helps people achieve that.

As of 2021 I have Leadership in Running Fitness from England Athletics and am starting the England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness Course in October 2021. I’ve found the courses useful and they do fill in the gaps in.

At present, I coach middle distance track events, 800m, 1500, 3000m. There is a strong endurance requirement in middle distance events and the year long training and competition will reflect that.

I want to build an enviable endurance group with Yate AC. A group with quality in depth, that will support each other and help push on to better things. Talent is all around us and I want to create a group where someone with the will, can develop themselves compete with the best.

Middle distance training is demanding. Athletes must be committed to middle distance competition and they must be keen to train hard and be ambitious. There is always room for a laugh though, athletics will make lifelong friends of those around you.”