On Saturday 21st December, Matt Spicer, our Hammer Coach, is organising a “Quadrathlon” for his squad and he is inviting anybody else at the club to join in!

Essentially, a Quadrathlon is a test of power, so is ideally suited to sprinters, jumpers and throwers.  As you would expect, it consists of four different disciplines.  However, they aren’t the sort of events many people are used to.

They are:

  1. 30m sprint
  2. Standing Long Jump
  3. Overhead Shot throw
  4. Three “bunny hops”

There is a points system, where every performance is scored.

Many athletes around the world use this test to measure improvements in power over time.  You can read about it here:

  • This event will START AT 10am with a group warm up.
  • It will cost £2 to enter
  • Depending on numbers of athletes (and helpers) it could take up to 1.5 hours to complete

EVERYBODY – This is a bit of fun, with a serious element.  There aren’t any club records, but there is a database of known club members performances:  YATE AC ALL TIME QUADRATHLON SCORES (2 tabs male/female)

ATHLETES – The wearing of a Santa/Christmas hat is expected!

PARENTS/COACHES – Set up will begin from 0930.  Please help us out with measuring and timing.  The more helpers we have, the less waiting time there will be for the athletes, as we will be able to run different disciplines at the same time.  We need people to rake sandpits, measure distances, time sprints, retrieve shot puts.  No experience or qualifications are needed (think of it as an introduction to officiating).