Quite simply, it is impossible to have competitions, if there aren’t any officials.

Around the country, clubs are regularly docked points for not fielding a full complement of officials at League matches.

So there is a lot of pressure on Yate AC to make sure we have plenty of officials and consequently, we are always looking for parents to get involved and get a qualification.

The more people that pitch in, the less everybody has to do.

We have officials in 5 areas for any match that we want to hold at Yate AC.
The areas are:
– Starter & Starter Assistants
– Photo Finish
– Track Officials
– Time Keepers
– Field Officials
Please do ask any of the officials what’s involved as we need more people to volunteer to officiate so that we can continue to hold competitions at Yate…


Our Officials Co-ordinator is Andrew Moyes who works with our officials to ensure that we have enough qualified officials to hold a competition.
Level 3 Officials
Level 2 Officials
Level 1 Officials 
Trainee Officials
  • Gareth Fielding – Time Keeper
  • James Viner – Time Keeper
  • Matt Viner – Track
  • Ann Dale – Photo Finish
  • Joy Bray – Field
  • Jerry Musselwhite – Field
  • Kirsty Page – Field
  • Tracy Watson – Field
  • Matt Lewis – Field