Yate and District Athletic Club Open Meetings – Online Entry

20th September 2020 – Throws & Jumps


We can confirm that all spaces have now been sold.  Please do not contact the club enquiring about availability.

Please see below, the entry list and timetable which confirms  event times and competitor number.

Competitor numbers should be printed, or boldly written with a marker, on A5 sized paper and brought with you to attached to your competition vest. Front only will suffice.

Please note the competition start time is the planned start time for the final event warm up.  Please report to the officials team at this time. Prior to this you can use the track area for general warm up adjacent to your competition area.

Do not enter the competition areas (‘D’ areas inside the track kerbing for throws & HJ, Pole Vault runways, LJ & TJ runways) until the officials are ready to call you for final warm up.

Don’t forget , you and any nominated accompanying person must have hand sanitiser before you are admitted to the arena. This will be checked at the entrance gate.


If you requested to borrow stadium equipment for your event it will be available to collect from the desk at the entrance to the equipment store. All stadium equipment will have been sanitised and quarantined prior to use in competition.

Please note the Equipment weigh in and inspection, and implement collection times, below:

  • 08:30am to 09:00am (Athletes competing in 09:15 discus only)
  • 09:45am to 10:15am
  • 11:15am to 11:45am
  • 13:15pm to 13:45pm
  • 14:30pm to 15:00pm

This should enable unnecessary waiting around the weighing in area and efficient collection of equipment.

Depending on the event you may be asked to retrieve your own implement after each attempt. The event lead official will advise you of the protocol to be followed before the start of the event.

Results of performances will be emailed after the competition as well as being submitted to Power of 10.


Your safety and that of those running the event is our primary concern. The competition will employ procedures to comply with COVID-19 guidance and your entry is dependent on your acceptance that you will co-operate with officials fully and adhere to procedures that are designed to reduce the risk of virus transmission.  

You should not attend the competition if you have any virus symptoms or have had close contact with anyone that shows symptoms or is suffering the virus or that you have been advised to stay at home. 

Full details of our risk assessments can be found on our website. We strongly advise that you familiarise yourself with these prior to entering. (https://yateac.co.uk/welfare/risk-assesments/)


PLEASE NOTE.  Anyone who wanted to be shown on Entry Central as Anonymous are being displayed as “NAME WITHHELD”.


Yate AC Open Field Event 20 Sep 2020 – Timetable