Yate & District Athletic Club is a ‘Not for profit’ Organisation.

We rely on membership fees, training subs, donations and fundraising to keep the club functioning and also to build a better club for the future.


The club continuously need to replace old/damaged equipment, as well as make sure we have enough equipment to satisfy demand.

From exercise mats, to medicine balls. From vortex/howlers to competition javelins.  There are many items we need to make sure we own to satisfy both the training and competition needs of our members.

As well as this, there are some larger and more expensive items we feel would really help the club progress.

Athlete shelters.

A new shelter costs in the region of £2,000.  We have just bought 2 new ones to go at the top of the home straight, we have also been given old bike shelters to go on the bends at 200m and 300m, so they can be used by both track athletes and horizontal jumpers.  We would now like two new (movable) shelters for each infield ‘apron’.

We would also like a shelter to go over the bicycle parking area.  This would not only provide shelter for bikes, but its position, in line with the 100m start, also provides a great place for spectators to stand.