BULLETIN BOARD – What’s currently happening and coming up…

  • Work has begun and (black) rubber is finally being laid!  During Wednesday 17th, a whole ‘D’ had been done.  We are led to believe work will continue over the Easter weekend, whilst good weather is forecast.
  • Whilst the final stage of this important work takes place, half of the car park, the track and infield will be out of bounds, but the rest of YOSC facility will remain open, including the club house!
  • The club will be utilising these other YOSC facilities to make sure the days and times of our Club and Academy training sessions remain unchanged.
  • Please speak with your Coach to make sure you are aware what the plans are during this time.
  • Due now!
  • You will need to be a member of a club, should you wish to compete.

Visit our membership page for details


Check our Fixtures page for more information

  • We have recently created a page on our website “ybay” where members can buy/sell/swap athletic clothing and equipment.  It’s really easy to use…Give it a go! https://yateac.co.uk/ybay/
  • Our next Committee meeting date is 26th April.