To mark the fact that 2020 is a “Leap Year”, why not have a go at our Leap Year Challenge?


This test is performed by all sorts of power athletes (sprinters, jumpers and throwers) around the world to monitor their elastic leg strength.

Its a great, quick, simple test to try before a training session or competition to see how you are feeling.


This is such an easy test, anybody can do it!

  1. First of all chalk your finger tips
  2. Next, stand next to a wall and raise your hand so the palm is flat to the wall
  3. Measure the height of the finger tip (the chalk should leave a mark)
  4. Perform  a standing jump (it must be static, so no repetitive arm swings).
  5. Measure the highest mark left by the chalked fingers
  6. Perform 2 more jumps and record your best

Here is Toby Conibear giving a quick demonstration using our own board:

Some of our Hammer Throwers tried it last October, here are their results:

Adam (U15) 238-192= 36cm
Matt P (U15) 249-215 = 34cm
Owen (U17) 257-220 = 37cm
Niamh (U20) 234-202 = 32cm
Samuel (Sen) 277-234 = 43cm
Toby (U20) 273-228 = 45cm
Karen (Vet) 242-215 = 27cm
Sophie (U15) 225-192 = 33cm
James (U17) 272-227 = 45cm


Take a look at the Brian Mac website to see how your height measures up against national averages.