Chair – Jeremy Dale
Vice Chair – Matt Viner
Secretary – Stuart Nunn
Treasurer –  Charlotte Viner
Membership Secretary – Ellen Taylor
Welfare Officer – Carolyn Conibear
Coaching Coordinator – Matt Spicer (resigned) / Graham Howell
Officials Coordinator – Pat Jefferies
Social & Engagement – Liz Ball & Matt Spicer
Fundraising – Matt Spicer


  • Tony Jefferies – Track/Field
  • Mike Smerdon – Field


  • Pat Jefferies – Track/Field
  • Matt Viner – Field
  • Jo Nolan – Field
  • Tony Jefferies – Time
  • Jeremy Dale – Field
  • Stuart Nunn – Timekeeper


  • Matt Viner – Timekeeper/Electronic Timing
  • Matt Lewis – Field
  • Sam H Smith – Field
  • Liam Hillier – Field
  • Jean- Luc Lorenzi – Timekeeper
  • Charlotte Viner – Field/Electronic Timing


  • Graham Howell
  • Andy Mead
  • Carolyn Cook – Field Timekeeper
  • Ann Dale
  • Mark Edwards
  • Nicki Mead
  • Mark Merrett





Royal Visit

On January 8th, HRH Princess Anne visited the YOSC complex to celebrate the achievements attained by the many volunteers that run the facility as a charity.  As part of the visit the athletics stadium was officially named the “Jefferies Arena” as a mark of respect to both Pat Jefferies and Tony Jefferies who have volunteered at the club since the very beginning.

HRH The Princess Royal was joined by Edward Gillespie OBE (Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire), Charles Martell (High Sheriff of Gloucestershire), Phil Vickery (Deputy Lord Lieutenant), Councillor John Ford (Mayor of Yate) and Councillor Chris Willmore (chair of the YOSC Liaison and Project Steering Group).

Photos courtesy of RichMcD & Sue Swanborough

Awards Night

Lower YDL

  1. Swansea Harriers – 18
  2. Cardiff Archers – 12
  3. Cheltenham & County Harriers – 11
  4. Cardiff AAC – 10
  5. Bristol & West/Mendip – 9
  6. Yate & District – 3
  1. Swindon Harriers – 569.5
  2. Newport Harriers – 555
  3. Cardiff Archers – 527.5
  4. Yate & District – 515 (Relegated to SW Div 1)
  5. Bristol & West/Mendip – 506
  6. North Somerset – 479.5
  7. Rhmney Valley – 397.5

Upper YDL

  1. Team Avon – 18 League Points
  2. Swansea Harriers – 13
  3. Cardiff AAC- 13
  4. Team Devon & Cornwall – 12
  5. Cardiff Archers – 6
  6. West Wales – 3
  1. Team Avon – 754
  2. Birchfield Harriers – 675.5
  3. Rugby & Northampton – 588.5
  4. Cardiff AAC – 575
  5. Swansea Harriers – 482.5
  6. Notts AC – 373.5
  1. Blackheath & Bromley – 903
  2. Shaftsbury Barnet – 776
  3. Team Avon – 587
  4. Team Edinburgh – 576.5
  5. Kingdom Athletic – 564.5
  6. Birchfield Harriers – 556

Midland League

  1. Bristol & West / Yate & District – 22
  2. Birchfield Harriers – 18
  3. Notts – 16
  4. Tamworth – 15
  5. Abingdon – 9
  6. Cannock & Stafford – 4

Results & Reports


Luke Ball – 5th – 2838 points (PB & CLUB RECORD)

  • 800m – 2:29.34
  • 80mH – 11.79 (PB)
  • HJ – 1.89m
  • LJ – 5.82m
  • SP – 10.67m (PB)


Liam Hillier – 35th – 3553 points

  • 400m – 57.31s
  • 1500m – 5:00.81
  • 100mH – 15.73s (PB)
  • HJ – 1.50m
  • LJ – 5.44m
  • SP – 8.55m
  • DT – 25.05m
  • JT – 26.34m


  • In winning this final match, the boys became League Champions!
  • The girls also won this final match, which helped them secure the League Runners-Up spot

Boys Quadkids results

Girls Quadkids results


Match Results

Yate Athletic Club entered this final match fractionally in pole position for the race to become League Champions.  However, on the day we were “pipped at the post” by North Somerset AC and we finished as League Runners Up for the third consecutive year.

Here is the breakdown of each gender/age group:

  • U13 Girls – 2nd
  • U13 Boys – 4th
  • U15 Girls – 1st
  • U15 Boys – 1st
  • U17 Women – 2nd
  • U17 Men – 1st
  • Senior/Masters Women – 2nd
  • Senior/Masters Men – 2nd

Male athlete of the Match went to Luke Ball (U15) for his 1.96m High Jump


National Final – Sunday September 8th – Sport City, Manchester

Having beaten the Welsh teams at the Regional Final, “Team Avon” set off for Manchester for the climax of the YDL season, to face the best of the English and Scottish teams in the National Final.

Although the day was a long one the weather was kind. Although there were some key athletes missing, either through injury or private school commitments, Yate and District was still the biggest contributor to the team. “Team Avon” came home with 51 medals of which 23 were claimed by Yate and District athletes.

Dan Brooks, in his last competition for “Team Avon”, excelled himself winning Gold in both the U20’s 100m and 200m, beating athletes from Birchfield Harriers and Blackheath & Bromley, who are both ranked higher than him on the Power of 10. The work he had put in on his finish had paid off as both races were very close.

The throwing trio of Toby Conibear, Owen Merrett and James Viner also had an excellent day. Toby and Owen did their usual double in the Hammer both winning Gold. James, although a bottom age group U17 stepped up to U20’s and using the heavier weight still managed to achieve a Bronze in the A string. All three of them went on to win more medals, amassing 7 between them.

Abdi Hasan showed his strength in an excellent race by winning Gold in the U20s 3000m and then, two hours later, achieving a Silver in the U20’s 800m.

The 5th A string Gold medal was won by Hannah Lewis in the U17 PV with a jump just short of her pb. Despite not feeling 100%, the huge smile never left her face.

The last race, U20s 4 x 400m, of the a very long day brought the biggest cheer from Team Avon. Dan Brooks, in what was his first 400m took over as the 4th runner in 5th place. He attacked it like it was a 200m eating up the ground between him and the athletes ahead of him and crossed the line in Bronze medal position. The cheer that went up was a fantastic end to a what had been a very good day.

When the final scores were read out Team Avon had finished in 3rd place behind the 2 big London Clubs Blackheath & Bromley and Shaftesbury Barnet.

A big thank you must go to the officials that gave up their weekend to enable the team to fulfil its Officiating duties, Matt Lewis (Y), Mike Smerdon (Y), Pete Davenport (B&W), Hilary Nash (B&W) Ian Humphries (M), Andy Rumney (M) and Kevin Dibble (M). Also a big thank you To Julie Alexander, Sam Smith and the all the parents that drove athletes up to Manchester ready for the 10.15 am start.

Medal Winners

U20 Men

  • Dan Brooks – Gold 100m, Gold 200m, Bronze 4x 400m
  • Abdi Hasan – Gold 3000m, Silver 800m
  • James Viner (U17) – Bronze Hammer
  • Greg Hayward – Silver B 1500m
  • Nathanael Mitchell – Bronze 4 x 400m

U17 Men

  • Toby Conibear – Gold Hammer, Bronze Shot, Silver B Discus
  • Max Elliott – Gold B 200m
  • Owen Merrett – Gold B Hammer, Gold B Javelin
  • James Viner – Silver B Shot
  • Lewis Wall – Silver B PV

U20 Women

  • Jodi Dale – Silver Javelin, Bronze B Discus
  • Lucy Durham – Gold B TJ

U17 Women

  • Hannah Lewis – Gold PV, Silver B Javelin
  • Kate Howard – Silver 800m
  • Rosie Hamilton James – Bronze 3000m
  • Emily Whitaker – Silver B 1500s/c


  1. Blackheath & Bromley 903
  2. Shaftsbury 776
  3. Team Avon 587
  4. Team Edinburgh 576.5
  5. Kingdom Athletic 564.5
  6. Birchfield Harriers 556


  • Annabel Gordon (U11) – 13.02s
  • Phoebe Havard (U13) – 13.69s
  • Phoebe Havard (U13) – 28.19s
  • Anabel Gordon (U11) – 3.17m (PB)
  • Sophie Page (U13) – 11.48m (PB)
  • Karen Jones (V55) – 35.76m
  • Hannah Holman (U15) – 29.05m
  • Sophie Page (U13) – 14.99m (PB)


75m Hurdles
  • 1st – Naomi Dawson (U15) – 12.09s
  • 3rd – Molly Bryant (U15) – 12.53s
  • 1st – Finlay Frankcom (U15) – 40.93s
  • 2nd – Evie Turner (U15) – 43.16s
  • 2nd – Abigail Williams (U17) – 45.38s
  • 2nd – Daniel Falconer (U15) – 25.09m
  • 1st – Toby Conibear (U17) – 32.61m
  • 3rd – Tracy Watson (SW) – 18.36


  • 100m – Molly Bryant (U15) – 14.13
  • 300m – Finlay Frankcom (U15) – 40.93
  • 300m – Abigail Williams (U17) – 45.38
  • 1500m – Murray Pearson (U13) – 5:18.96
  • 1500m – Joshua Morland (U17) – 4:38.69
  • PV- Henry Watson (U13) – 1.50m
  • PV – Matt Lewis (V50) – 1.40m
  • LJ – Henry Watson (U13) – 3.74m
  • LJ – Owen Merrett (U17) – 4.08m
  • SP – Lewis Wall (U17) – 7.52m
  • SP – Tracy Watson (V45) – 5.13m
  • SP – Karen Jones (V55) – 7.15m (CLUB RECORD)
  • SP – Megan Elliott (U15) – 6.45m
  • DT – Lewis Wall (U17) – 24.03m
  • DT – Daniel Falconer (U15) – 25.09m
  • DT – Karen Jones (V55) – 17.57m (CLUB RECORD)








Brooks Brothers

Adam Brooks (L)
  • HJ – 8th – 2.08m (=PB)
Dan Brooks (R)
  • 100m – 6th (Heat 7) – 11.14s

What an honour it is to have two Yate athletes competing at such a high level!

Adam Wilson (T20) was selected to run in the PARA 1500m for a representative British Athletics Team and did himself proud with a time of 4:13.20, finishing in 5th position.

Congratulations are also in order for another Adam…

Adam Brooks won the silver medal in high jump.
Adam was invited as part of the British Athletic League Team, where he competed against England, Northern Ireland & Ulster, Scotland, Wales and GB Junior teams. He jumped 2.07m, in the pouring rain, to take the silver, only 1cm off his PB.

Adam Brooks has also been invited to take part in the British Athletics Championships on 24th & 25th in Birmingham, as has his brother Dan who will be racing in the 100m


Too many Yate results to list in full!

The Avon Championship Events were 200m, 800m, JT & TJ



  • 2nd – Max Elliott (U17) – 22.83s (PB)
  • 3rd – Liam Hillier (U17) – 25.36s (PB)
  • 1st – Luke Ball (U15) – 24.37s (PB)
  • 2nd – Adam Nolan (U15) – 24.76s (PB)
  • 2nd – Leon Walsh (U13) – 28.59s
  • 1st – Yvette Westwood (SEN) – 24.82
  • 2nd – Annie Lewis (U23) – 26.79s
  • 2nd – Abigail Williams (U17) – 27.88s
  • 1st – Phoebe Havard (U13) – 27.35s (PB)


  • 1st- Joe Connors (U23) – 2:06.48
  • 2nd- Ben Rawlins (U20) – 2:13
  • 2nd – Thomas Reid (U17) – 2:15.82
  • 2nd – Jack Powell (U15) – 2:30.95 (PB)
  • 2nd – Murray Pearson (IU13) – 2:38.39
  • 1st – Evie Turner (U15) – 2:30.26
  • 1st – Laura Chance (U13) – 2:29.61
  • 3rd – Ellen Ruck (U13) – 2:34.68 (PB)


  • 1st – Amy Nolan (U13) – 16.92m
  • 1st – Jodie Dale (U20) – 32.51m
  • *Lucas Harrell (U13) entered as a guest 34.64m (PB + CLUB RECORD)*
  • 3rd – Henry Watson (U13) – 21.94m
  • 1st – Daniel Falconer (U15) – 27.15m (PB)
  • 1st – Toby Conibear (U17) – 30.90m (PB)

Triple Jump

  • 1st – Lucy Durham (U20) – 10.36m
  • 1st – Adam Nolan (U15) – 10.39m (PB)



  • The Boys team were winners on the day with 810 points
  • The Girls team came fourth on the day with 571 points
  • After three matches, the combined score has us in second position.
  • After three matches, the boys competition is now incredibly close between ourselves, Bristol and North Somerset.  We are currently in second position with 17 League Points, behind Bristol with 18 League Points (we do however have more match points).
  • After three matches, in the girls competition we are currently in third position with 14 League Points, but again, things are very close with Forest of Dean on 15 points and North Somerset on 13 points.

Special mentions go to:

  1. Owen Boon, who threw a huge 35.58m in the Howler Throw, a club record and it puts him eighth on the Avon League All-Time rankings
  2. Estelle Lowe, who ran 1:58 in the 600m, just a half second outside the club record and puts her equal fourth on the Avon League All-Time rankings

Full results for all other age groups:  http://s250914043.websitehome.co.uk/avonleague/Results2019/Results2019R3.pdf

75m Hurdles

  • 3rd – Naomi Dawson (U15) – 12.08s (ran 11.92s a PB in her heat)

High Jump

  • 1st – Luke Ball (U15) – 1.80m

Hammer Throw

  • 1st – Toby Conibear (U17) – 53.45m



  • 2nd – Pat Gallagher (V70) – 3:51.80


  • 3rd – Pat Gallagher (V70) – 7:55.94

300m Hurdles

  • 5th – Graham Howell (V60) – 52.23s (PB + CLUB RECORD)

Weight Throw

  • 1st – Karen Jones (V55) – 11.33m

Hammer Throw

  • 1st – Karen Jones (V55) – 37.40m
  • 8th – Pete Jackson (V60) – 25.73m (PB)

Shot Put

  • 6th – Pete Jackson – 10.28m (PB + CLUB RECORD)

800m – Kane Lee (SEN) – 1:57.11

5000m – Joe Connors (U23) – 15:57.45

Adam Merrett (U13)

  • DT – 17.20m
  • HT – 17.29m

Owen Merrett (U17)

  • DT – 28.81m
  • HT – 51.60m

James Viner (U17)

  • HT – 50.82m

Power of 10 results:  https://www.thepowerof10.info/results/results.aspx?meetingid=284634


On Sunday 4th, Yate athletes were in action with colleagues from Bristol & West AC in the last fixture of the Midland League, Division One. Leading in the division, they had high hopes of securing the title. After a sometimes thrilling afternoon’s competition, they were delighted to come out well ahead of Birchfield Harriers, their main rivals. The joint Bristol and Yate team is now Midlands champions.

In the men’s sprints, Yate athletes Dan Brooks, Isaac Cory, Ben Wells and Rob Phillips were up against the Birchfield sprint specialists. Dan stormed to a win in the 100m in 10.70 secs, while Isaac in B race took a good third place. In the 200m, Ben Wells was second in 21.83 secs, and Dan won the B race just one hundredth of a second slower. The four of them were up against a good Tamworth team in 4x100m relay, with Dan bringing them home just short of the win.

Dan’s brother, Adam, went in the high jump and, as he has done most of the season, cleared two metres for a good win. Club-mate David Thomas took the B event for maximum points.

With Toby on international duty, Owen Merrett and coach Matt Spicer took on the hammer. For under-17 Owen, throwing the senior hammer was a challenge, but he was good enough for third place, throwing farther than his coach, who won the B event.

In the 800m, Abdi Hasan ran his usual race, accelerating away from the opposition over the last 300m for a good win in 1:56.51 secs. The 1500m was a thriller, with two Yate athletes, Greg Hayward and Adam Wilson were up against very good Birchfield runners, but held their own right to the final lap where they had to concede but scored two good second places.

Matt Muggeridge is recovering slowly from illness, but here scored good results in the field, winning the javelin and coming second in the triple jump.

On the women’s side there was a good result in the B 800m race, which Kate Howard won in a good time of 2:07.76 secs. In the 400m Katie Robbins broke the club’s record in 57.43 secs, coming second only a couple of metres behind the Cannock runner. Hannah Lewis was a winner in the pole vault and Maria Townsend in the javelin.

Overall a smashing result for the local combined team that they can be proud of.


A storming home win secures a repeat League Championship

Our combined team for this last match was always looking strong, and so it turned out on the day when we won by a massive 89 points to record our 3rd win of the season and take the League title in the top Division for the second time in three years.

Tamworth continued their late season push to take second on the day ahead of Birchfield, Notts and the relegated Abingdon and Cannock & Stafford. The league order and points ended up as:

Bristol & West/Yate & District 22
Birchfield Harriers 18
Notts AC 16
Tamworth AC 15
Abingdon AC 9
Cannock & Stafford AC 4

For 2020, we will be re-joined by Gloucester AC who we last competed against in 2015 in Division 2 and Rugby & Northampton AC who were in the top Division with us in 2016 and 2017. So enough of the statistics, its people that matter win or lose, although I’m not knocking winning.

We welcomed new track & field athletes to our group at Yate and look forward to their continued involvement next year – Sarah Long, Eva Purse, Daisy Harvey, Owen Merrett, Jed Bartlett, Josh Maggs, Josh Moody, Jack Randell and Stewart Wareing.

We had so many fantastic team developments and contributions throughout the season, it’s not possible to list them all but here goes for a summary:

– the growth of our athlete pool means we can get a near full team out match after match. They are not alone in this, but the male and female throwers are a great example of a group of competitors who cover each other’s absences and form a rock solid core of the team.

– Pete Bains running a 800m for the first time in a long while at the Alexander Stadium and then getting a hamstring tear in the 3000m but still finishing on one leg to get the points. Thanks Pete but please don’t you or anyone else do this again. Better timing was David Thomas in the LJ on Sunday and the securing the HJ B string win before damaging his hamstring. Get well soon both of you.

– all of the have a go heroes who make that extra difference on the day and contribute to what looks like, but isn’t, an easy season’s win – Lucy Durham filling the gaps year on year; Hen Anstey trying and now loving the 400mH; Jack Randell’s last minute go at the full height 110mH with James Casling and Matt Lewis doubling up as an official and steeplechaser on many occasions.

– the ever reliable officials and especially Bev Barrett and Pat Jeffries who organise them, accompanying parents , supporters and much larger pool of volunteers we call on to make a home match work.

Another fine year of good company, a few laughs and a nice dose of personal and team success to go with it.

PB’s and SB’s are listed below and what a long list it is, well done all. Apologies if I missed anyone:

Women’s PB’s:
Katie Robbins (400m), Danni Sinclair (800m), Ana Maria Duran-Mingo (3000m), Alexia Bennett-Cordy (100mH), Daisy Harvey (400mH), Henrietta Anstey (400mH), Lucy Durham (LJ), Eva Purse (TJ), Libby Parker (SP, DT & JT)

Women’s SB’s:
Yvette Westwood (200m), Georgia Taylor (400m), Karen Jones (HT), Maria Townsend (JT)

Men’s PB’s:
Dan Brooks (100m), Isaac Cory (200m), Aaron Belchamber (400m), Kurt Taylor (800m), Greg Hayward (1500m), Stewart Wareing (1500m), Jed Bartlett (3000m), David Eagon (3000m), Jack Randell (110mH), James Casling (110mH), Kane Lee (400mH), Matt Lewis (3000m S/C), Adam Brooks (TJ), Owen Merrett (DT & JT)

Men’s SB’s:
Kane Lee (400m), Josh Moody (800m), Adam Wilson (800m), Matt Muggeridge (JT)

Steve Grant, Pete Mountain and Matt Muggeridge

A compilation of the days action can be viewed on our YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNkPgK4pDp4&t=88s

Toby Conibear earned his second England call up this time for the England U18 team, who travelled to Dublin to take on the Irish U18 team in the “Youth Nations Cup”

Toby finished the competition in third place, with a distance of 63.04m, his third best distance of the season so far.


  • Kane Lee (SEN) – 36.73s (PB)


  • Adam Wilson (U23) – 2:04.78


  • Henry Watson (U13) – 3.73m (PB)


  • James Viner (U17) – 49.54m


  • Henry Watson (U13) – 19.27m



We were lucky with the weather despite other places having tremendous rainfall. We had a good number of athletes missing either because they were in Manchester getting very wet at the senior AAA championships, away or injured, however, we were able to fill most spaces and that really helped.
Amazingly, we led from the start, with good results in the first few events – men’s hammer and 300H/400H.
Yate & District were well represented.
Young Kate Howard, first year U17, came a sound 2nd in the U17 300m and then stepped up to U20 for the A 800m and came home a convincing winner, a good 2 seconds ahead of her nearest rival.
Katie Robbins did a similar thing by coming home 2nd in the U20s 400m in a time that equals her personal best, and then ran home winner of the B 800m race in a new PB.
Our other winners for Yate’s women on the track were Rosie Hamilton James U17A 3000 and Emily Whitaker in the U17A 1500s/c.
In the field, Hannah Lewis won the U17A PV, with Fiona Barkley securing 2nds in both U17 LJ and HJ.
On the men’s side, Isaac Cory stormed home to win the U20A 100m in a fantastic race, Nathanael Mitchell won the U20’s 400m B with Abdi Hasan putting in a couple of superb performances’ to win both  the U20s 1500m and 3000m
James Harrod, U17, in his first race back after suffering an appendicitis in March, won the U17 B 3000m.
Our U17 throwers and PV  were dominant with Liam Hillier and Jonathan Mead taking a double 1st in PV,  Toby Conibear and Owen Merrett doing the double in the Hammer, both throwing 30m further than their nearest rivals. In fact James Viner, throwing as a guest came 3rd in the competition, again with a throw 30m clear of the rest. James went on to gain a 2nd in the B Shot and a 3rd in the A Discus. Toby won the B Discus and was placed 2nd in the shot competition while throwing as a guest. Owen won the B Javelin in a new PB of 41.80m after throwing a PB while throwing as a guest in the Discus.
Winning the Regional Final means that Team Avon go on to the National Final in Manchester on Sunday September 8th as League Champions and Regional Champions. Despite beating Birchfield Harriers on Sunday the team will face  Blackheath & Bromley and Shaftesbury Barnet, the 2 top London teams in the Final. Availability forms have gone out and the team will be selected by the end of August.
Leslie Nunn


Another triumphant day for the athletes of Team Avon. Neither of the team managers, Sandra Woodman and Lesley Nunn, expected to do so well but the team trounced all opposition, including the mighty Birchfield Harriers, and are now heading to the national final in Manchester in September. And this without several of their best athletes who were competing in the Senior English Championships.

Yate & District AC athletes were well to the fore, as usual. With Dan Brooks away, it fell to Isaac Cory to lead off in the under-20 men’s 100m, and he stepped up in great style, taking the race in 11.19 secs. Abdi Hasan had a busy afternoon, going in both 1500m and 3000m – and winning both convincingly. In the 3000m an athlete from Cardiff stuck with him until the last couple of laps and then Abdi’s pace as he ramped it up for the finish left him far behind.

Nathanael Mitchell went in the 400m B race and won that well, but his real strength showed in the last event of the afternoon, when he led off the 4x400m relay with a very impressive leg.

In the under-20 women’s event there was a double win for Yate athletes in the 800m. Kate Howard and Katie Robbins were too good in their respective races. Katie Robbins ran well in the 400m, coming a close second.

The success of the team depends as much on the numbers of athletes taking part as it does on individual winners. So it’s right to mention athletes like Jonny Mead who never fails to rack up points in several events. Here he achieved two second places – in 400 hurdles and 1500m steeplechase – and a win in the B pole vault. Absolutely invaluable if the team is to go on winning.

Did the Yate hammer throwers win? Of course they did. Toby Conibear threw 62.36m and Owen Merrett 54.85m – well clear of all the opposition. Toby has now been selected for the England team to go to Dublin next month. Owen also won in the javelin. Liam Hillier’s pole vaulting has come on a treat over the summer and his 3.50m was enough for the win.

Also worth mentioning is James Harrod, who won the 300m in his first race after returning from appendicitis.

The under-17 women were without their regular steeplechaser so Emily Whitaker stepped up in this most gruelling event. She led from the gun and ran doggedly to claim a valuable win. Likewise, Rosie Hamilton-James stormed to a good victory in the 3000m. Another winner was Hannah Lewis in the pole vault, jumping 2.75m.

So Team Avon are Midlands champions and now head north to compete against the best that the North and London have to offer.



Three Yate AC athletes travelled to a pretty wet Manchester last weekend to take part in the England Athletics Senior Championships.
Sprinters Dan Brooks and Yvette Westwood both competed in the 100m and 200m, whilst Adam Brooks took part in the high jump.

Dan went through to the semi-finals in both the 100m and 200m, finishing in 3rd place in the 100m semi (only one place away from qualifying for the final!) and 7th in the 200m semi-final. Yvette finished in 4th in both her 100m and 200m heats. Adam jumped 2m to finish in 7th place.

Well done guys! Great work!

Watch a video of Dan (lane 2 wearing the black kit of Avon & Somerset) in the 100m here.


  • Alfie King (U17) – 12.0s


  • Alfie King (U17) – 24.3s (PB)


  • Thomas King (U13) – 2:35.8 (PB)


  • Lucy Durham (U20) – 10.14m


  • Toby Conibear (U17) – 58.94m
  • Karen Jones (V55) – 31.87m
  • Evie Boucher-White (U15) – 25.14m


Eighteen Yate AC athletes took part in the South West Inter-Counties Championships last Sunday, many of them doing a double fixture weekend after having been at the YDL match the day before! Most athletes were competing in their county vests, as this was also a competition between Avon, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Devon, Dorset and Cornwall teams of all ages.

Between them our athletes covered a whole range of run, jump, throw events and brought home 16 medals, as well as some other great PB‘s and performances at this level of competition!! (Let’s not forget that each athlete had to have already achieved a certain standard to enter the competition!)

Toby Conibear won the U17 hammer with a championship best performance throw of 62.04m, and Lucas Harrell won the silver medal in the U13 javelin with yet another club record! Phoebe just missed out on a bronze medal in the U13 100m by 0.03 seconds!

Well done to everyone who took part!

Results as follows:


  • 4th – Phoebe Havard (U13) – 13.59s


  • 1st – Ben Wells (SEN) – 21.99s
  • 4th – Phoebe Havard (U13) – 28.58s


  • 3rd – Kane Lee (SEN) – 51.12s


  • 1st – Kane Lee (SEN) – 1:56.66s
  • 8th – Seamus Robinson (U15) – 2:14.39s


  • 2nd – Joe Connors (SEN) – 15:55.75s


  • 6th – Naomi Dawson (U15) – 12.01s


  • 2nd- Adam Nolan (U15) – 1.60m
  • 1st – Fiona Barkley (U17) – 1.60m


  • 2nd – Liam Hillier (U17) – 3.40m
  • 1st – Adam Nolan (U15) – 2.80m
  • 2nd – Grace Horswell (U15) – 2.10m


  • 5th – James Viner (U17) – 9.88m
  • 2nd – Matt Page (U15) – 8.30m (PB)
  • 6th – Adam Merrett (U13) – 7.13m


  • 5th – Owen Merrett (U17) – 32.04m
  • 6th – James Viner (U17) – 30.66m
  • 7th – Adam Merrett (U13) – 14.69m


  • 1st – Toby Conibear (U17) – 62.04m (CBP)
  • 3rd – Owen Merrett (U17) – 51.44m
  • 6th – James Viner (U17) – 48.92m
  • 3rd – Matt Page (U15) – 32.14m


  • 1st – Theo Spurrell (U15) – 47.15m
  • 3rd – Owen Merrett (U17) – 39.93m
  • 3rd – Lucas Harrell (U13) – 33.74m (PB)
  • 11th – Adam Merrett (U13) – 21.39m


Wow, what a day!! Our LAG YDL team battled it out at the promotion match in Swindon today against 6 other clubs. It was agonisingly close throughout the day, but at the final whistle we finished in 4th place – only 12.5 points behind 3rd!

Our young athletes put in their very best performances and our score was 100 points more than any other match this season! We are incredibly proud of all of them!

A special thanks and well done to team manager Sam, who never fails to encourage and support the athletes.
Under her care our team has grown stronger match by match, so, as it’s looking like we move into division 1 next year, we are confident of great things to come and we’ll definitely come back fighting!

Also thanks to our officials who work so hard all day and contribute valuable points to the team, especially Pat who organises them all! Today’s officials were Jo, Matt, Charlotte, Pat, Tony, Liam and Darren.

For seventeen of our junior athletes, many who have competed with us for four years, this was their very last match in the Lower Age Group. We wish them the best of luck as they move to the Upper Age Group team.

The SIAB Schools International is an annual event for the Inter (U17) Boys/Girls age group alone.  Every year the team is picked using one criteria; whoever finishes in first and second place at the English Schools Championships.

Going in to the English Schools Championships, Toby Conibear was in third position in the UK rankings and the recent form guide suggested a bronze medal was the most likely outcome, so qualification for SIAB seemed an unlikely possibility.  Knowing this, Toby made plans to travel to Holland with the Brimsham Green School orchestra for a performance.

However, not everything in life is predictable and things got turned on their head when the odds-on favourite to win English Schools didn’t record a distance in the first three rounds.  Gifting Toby a silver medal (and an England vest!).

Although Toby had committed to performing in Holland, plans were changed and he managed to leave a little earlier than expected to make the trip to Swansea.

Unsurprisingly, Yate Athletic Club haven’t seen many athletes qualify for this International during their 35 year history.  However, it was exactly thirty years ago, in 1989, another Hammer Thrower, Charles Beresford, went to Dublin, having won English Schools.  Whilst competing for England, Charles managed to finish second, getting beaten by the English competitor he had beaten the week before at English Schools.

Going in to the competition, the form book suggested Toby was favourite for a silver medal. Perhaps feeling tired from his European travels, Toby’s distance was down on his usual high standards.  Fortunately, this time the form book got it right, history was repeated and a Yate athlete walked away a silver medal in the boys hammer throw.


1 Alex Bernstein (ENG) 68.01m

2 Toby Conibear (ENG) 59.36m

3 Danny Gracie (SCO) 56.63m

4 Jude McCrossan (IRE) 52.10m

5 Azuolas Varnele (IRE) 48.21m

6 Gabriel McFarlane (SCO) 45.95m

7 Evan Morgan (WAL) 40.24m

8 Samual Breese (WAL) 38.74m


There was a great turn out for the Avon Open/Championships on Wednesday evening, even though the evening turned decidedly chilly after such a lovely sunny day.
We have a whole string of championship medals to report for Yate AC, as well as two Championship records and a new club record!
Our top medal scorer at this event was U13B Leon Walsh, with two gold and a bronze!
Yvette Westwood set a new 100m SW record, and Adam Brooks equalled the SM high jump record of 2.05m.

We had 14 Yate AC Quadkids competing and U11 Regan Jack-Williams set a new club record in the 75m with a time of 10s!

Full results are now on the Power of 10, and championship results are on the Avon Athletics Association website here: http://www.avon-aa.org.uk/
Screenshots included below of the Quadkids results.

So to the medals…!!


U13G – Phoebe H
U13B – Leon W
SW – Yvette Westwood- in a new championship record time of 12.14
SM – Rob P

Pole Vault
U17W – Hannah L
U15B – Adam N
U17B – Liam H

Long Jump
U13B – Leon W
U20W – Lucy D

High Jump
U17W – Fiona B
U15B – Luke B
SM – Adam Brooks – equalling the championship record of 2.05m


100M U17M – Max E
300mH U17W – Daisy H
PV U15G – Grace H
PV U15B – Harry W
LJ U15B – Harry W
HJ U13G – Amy N
SP U13B – Henry W

100m U17W – Abi W
LJ U13G – Amy N
LJ U15G – Evie T
HJ U13B – Leon W

Congratulations and well done everyone!

600m – Kane Lee (SEN) – 1:24.0s


What a great first day at the English Schools Track and Field Championships, where 14 Yate AC athletes competed in their county teams! Despite the sunshine it was pretty cold in Birmingham today, and very blustery. All but four of our athletes have been in action and we are so proud of each of them! Here is a quick summary, as well as who to watch out for tomorrow.

Luke Ball won the Gold ? medal in the junior boys high jump in a competition that latest two hours. Nice clean jumping and Luke had won the competition at 1.81m, but then went on to clear two more heights, finishing with 1.87m! Well done Luke and coach Jeremy

Dan Brooks ran a storming 100m, with a national standard time of 10.75s- the fastest in all the heats. The final is tomorrow afternoon – we’ve got everything crossed for another medal!

Isaac Cory also ran the 100m, finishing 5th in his heat and 12th overall in a field of 22 athletes, just missing out on a place in the final.

Theo Spurrell competed in the JB javelin. He threw a huge national standard throw of 49.73m, a PB of nearly 3m, which gained him a fantastic 5th place finish.

Abdi Hasan ran a brilliant 800m with a PB of 1.54.96, finishing second in his heat which has gained him a spot in the final tomorrow.

Amelia Honor ran a great PB in the 800m at 10am this morning. She finished 20th in a field of 41 athletes.

Seamus Robinson had a tough 1500m race, but held his own and finished 24th overall in a field of 32 athletes.

Naomi Dawson ran the 75m hurdles on the back straight into -5 headwind. She finished 7th in her heat with a great time of 12.81s considering the wind.

Max Elliot ran in the 200m and came 7th in his heat with a time of 23.25s.

Kate Howard came 8th in her 800m heat which gave her 22nd place finish overall.


Another fantastic day at the English Schools Track and Field Championships with FOUR more medals for Yate athletes – which gives us a full set of run, jump and throw medals!

First up this morning was Fiona Barclay in the inter girls high jump, she cleared a very respectable 1.61m, that placed her 13th out of a field of 23 athletes. Great result from Fiona as she is in the first year of this age group.

Next up we had three inter boys hammer throwers in a very exciting competition.

Toby Conibear won the inter boys ?silver ?medal with a national standard throw of 62.48m. In this age group the 1st and 2nd place athletes are selected for the England team to compete in a school’s international match next weekend! So huge congratulations to Toby, and coach Matt Spicer , for this achievement! Looking forward to seeing you in your England kit Toby!

AND Owen Merritt gained the ? bronze ? medal in hammer with a national standard throw of 52.03m! Congratulations Owen!  See Owens winning throw on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlyKVIDG6X8

James Viner finished in 7th place with an ES throw of 50.64m. Both Owen and James are in the first year of this age group so these are excellent results. Congratulations to coach Matt Spicer for all three of results!

Dan Brooks was the fastest SB 100m runner yesterday so went into the final in prime position. It was an incredibly tight race and Dan won the ? Silver ?medal with a time of 10.73s, only 0.03s behind first. Congratulations Dan and coach Sandra Woodman! (See a video of Dan’s race on our YouTube channel here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2bo0Yzo1SOc)

Abdi Hasan ran in a fast 800m final and finished in 8th place. A great result out of a field of 25 athletes when Abdi is in his first year in this age group. We’re sure he’ll be back aiming for a podium finish next year!  See Bdi’s race on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fc_3ly35BYk&t=19s

Dan and Isaac also ran in the SB relay for the Avon team. A sleek team performance gave them a fourth place finish. A fantastic end to the weekend!

Congratulations again to all our athletes and their coaches. What a wonderful representation of our club and the standard of athletics that we are achieving! So proud! Bring on next year!


  • Alfie King (U17) – 12.2
  • Thomas King (U13) – 14.5
  • Henry Watson (U13) – 15.9


  • James Edwards (U20) – 56.5


  • Thomas King (U13) – 4.10m (PB)


  • Tracy Watson (V45) – 16.41m (PB)
  • Henry Watson (U13) – 11.84m (PB)


  • Henry Watson (U13) – 22.42m


  • James Edwards (U20) – 12.6


  • James Edwards (U20) – 25.5


  • Amelia Honor (U15) – 5:21.2 (PB)


  • Henry Watson (U13) – 19.7 (PB)


  • Lucas Harrell (U13) – 3.71m (PB)


  • Matt Page (U15) – 27.92m
  • Karen Jones (V55) – 37.16m


  • Lucas Harrell (U13) – 32.79m (PB)
  • Henry Watson (U13) – 19.36m


  • Joe Connors (U23) – 4:04.54 (PB)
  • Adam Wilson (U23) – 4:08.85


  • SILVER – Molly Bryant (U15) – 12.27s (w)


  • 10th – Georges Cooper (U13) – 19.20m


  • 13th – Georges Cooper (U13) – 7.80m



Another convincing win cemented the teams position on top of the league table and sees them progress through to the Regional Finals, to be held at Yate on 28th July.

YOUNG athletes from Yate & District AC played their usual prominent role in the third stunning victory by Team Avon in the Youth Development League, upper age group.

The team went into the match on Sunday in Cardiff with unassailable lead. Team managers, Sandra Woodman and Lesley Nunn, were far from complacent, with many regular and valuable team members dropping out. Injury, post-exam holidays – even, perhaps, Glastonbury – all took their toll and it was a depleted team that made the trip across the Severn.

In the under-20 men, the win by Abdi Hasan, stepping up a couple of distances to the 3000m, was a feature of the afternoon. For the first 2000m he tracked a couple of Cardiff runners but then stepped up the speed and took the lead. One Welsh runner kept with him until the bell when he powered into the final lap and came home well clear. His win was matched in the under-17 women’s 3000m by a fine personal best from Rosie Hamilton-James to claim the win.

Kate Howard had a successful afternoon, winning both under-20 800m and under-17 300m, demonstrating that you don’t have to be over seventeen to beat older girls. Jodie Dale was likewise a double winner, taking the discus B event and the A javelin, her main event.

Liam Hillier won the pole vault with a vault of 3.65m – well clear of the opposition. This was after he had come second in the opening event of the day – the 400m hurdles. Perhaps predictably, Toby Conibear and Owen Merrett took double honours in the under-17 hammer. Their throws of 61.26 and 51.97 respectively were both at least twice as far as the next best athletes.

Another athlete who worked hard through the afternoon was Nathaniel Mitchell. Against athletes almost a foot taller than him he managed a good fourth place in the individual 400m, but then, in the final event of the day, he ran a storming leg in the 4x400m relay, clocking close to fifty seconds. The team were so far ahead of the opposition by the finish that the second runner was just coming into the straight as the final Avon man crossed the line. Their aim is to break the league record, and there are few who would say they can’t do it one day.


  • Owen Merrett (U17) –  55.11m (PB)
  • Toby Conibear (U17) – 63.38m
  • Leah Hale (U20) – 36.06m


  • Cameron Worso (U17) – 12.3 (PB)
  • Caycee-Jay Perry (U20) – 14.3


  • Cameron Worso (U17) – 24.9 (PB)


  • Gregory Hayward (U20) – 56.0 (PB)


  • GOLD – Seamus Robinson (U15) – 4:30.0
  • GOLD – Gregory Hayward (U20) – 4:20.0 (PB)
  • GOLD – Laura Chance (U13) – 5:14.7


  • Adam Nolan (U15) – 1.55m
  • Amy Nolan (U13) – 1.20m (PB)


  • Lucy Durham (U20) – 4.60m (PB)


  • Lucy Durham (U20) – 10.33m


  • James Viner (U17) – 10.33m
  • Lucas Harrell (U13) – 5.69m


  • James Viner (U17) – 48.86m
  • Matt Page (U15) – 25.94m
  • Karen Jones (V55) – 35.34m
  • Evie Boucher-White (U15) – 27.04m


  • Adam Nolan (U15) – 34.39m (PB)
  • Lucas Harrell (U13) – 29.43m

Yvette Westwood (U23)

  • 100m (2nd) – 12.21
  • 200m (1st) – 24.94

Joe Connors (U23)

  • 3000m (6th) – 9:08.87


  • Kane Lee – 23.95


  • Joe Connors (U23) – 4:12.34
  • Adam Wilson (U23) – 4:14.33


  • 7th – Dan Brooks (U20) – 11.07
  • 8th – Yvette Westwood (U23) – 12.53


  • Ben Wells (U23) – 21.82 (heat 1)
  • Yvette Westwood (U23) – 25.37 (heat 1)


  • 400m – 56.79
  • 1500m – 4:48.05 (PB)
  • 100m Hurdles – 16.15
  • HJ – 1.53m
  • LJ – 5.75m (PB)
  • SP – 9.47m (PB)
  • DT – 29.17m (PB)
  • JT – 28.75m
  • OCTATHLON – 3861pts (PB)


  • 800m – 2:26.69
  • 80m Hurdles – 12.05
  • HJ – 1.83m
  • LJ – 6.01m (PB)
  • SP – 9.82m
  • PENTATHLON – 2781pts (PB)


  • 800m – 2:21.89 (PB)
  • 80m Hurdles – 14.04
  • HJ – 1.68m (PB)
  • LJ – 5.02m (PB)
  • SP – 9.82m
  • PENTATHLON – 2336pts (PB)

1500m – Seamus Robinson (U15) – 4:26.2

1500m – Joe Connors (U23) – 4:10.04 (PB)


Best turnout ever despite highest ever drop-out rate keeps us top of the League.

Despite losing about a quarter of the planned team over the preceding week and on the day, we pulled on our reserves and shuffled like we had never shuffled before to end up with only one spot of the 76 unfilled, beating our previous best of two gaps which was remarkable enough. That turnout is an amazing achievement at any time and shows the good health of the whole team.

A high turnout of this type would normally have delivered a comfortable placing but all the other teams turned out in force and at one point we were in last or sixth place depending how you want to dress it up. We pulled through in the end getting a good third place that keeps us top of the league on points difference after two matches with two to go.

Notts and Birchfield are the competition for the title this year with Cannock & Stafford struggling after two last places and newcomers Abingdon AC in a fight with Tamworth AC to avoid relegation.

A lot of the athletes were competing over both days of the weekend and then also multi-eventing for us and as well as some great performances (10 PB’s and a whole heap of SB’s) it was team spirit that gave us the extra push to get third on the day.

Our officials again turned out to get the field and track events running smoothly and maximising match points that they never fail to do.

The next match is at Tamworth on the 7th of July and is the first weekend when the three lead teams will also have BAL/UKWAL commitments.

PB’s and SB’s are listed below and apologies if I missed anyone:

Women’s PB’s: Libby Parker (SP & JT)

Women’s SB’s: Mel Cooke (100m & 200m), Olivia Wilding (200m & LJ), Ella Falk (400m), Emily Whittaker (800m), Hattie Dent (100mH & 400mH), Jess Mead (400mH), Lucy Durham (HJ), Maria Townsend (SP), Libby Parker (DT)

Men’s PB’s: Ben Wells (100m), Lewis Wall (400m & HJ), Abdi Hasan (1500m), Dajon Wright (110mH), Daniel Gregory (110mH), Liam Hillier (400mH & PV)

Men’s SB’s: Pete Bains (800m & 3000m), James Casling (1500m), Matt Lewis (3000m S/C), Simon Hammann (TJ), Reece Straker (SP), Sam Boulton (DT), Jonny Shine (LJ, PV & TJ)

Report submitted by Team Managers,

Steve Grant, Pete Mountain and Matt Muggeridge

Yate Winners:

  • Ben Wells – 200m (A)
  • Abdi Hasan – 1500m (A)
  • Liam Hillier – PV (A)
  • Ben Latham – PV (B)
  • Matt Spicer – HT (B)

Congratulations Karen Jones (V55) on retaining her title as “South West Champion” for the fifth consecutive year, in the Hammer Throw.

Karen threw a very respectable 34.67m


  • Seven Golds
  • Six Silvers
  • Four Bronzes
  • Fifteen PB’s
  • Four National Standards
  • Five Entry Standards
  • One Championship Best Performance

SB = Senior Boy, SG = Senior Girl,  IB = Inter Boy, IG = Inter Girl, JB = Junior Boy, JG = Junior Girl

  • 1st Daniel Brooks (SB) – 10.71 (PB)
  • 3rd Isaac Cory (SB) – 11.12.  (PB of 11.05 in the heat)
  • 7th Max Elliot (IB) – 11.43 (PB)
  • 1st Daniel Brooks (SB) – 21.63 (PB)
  • 3rd Isaac Cory (SB) – 22,39 (PB)
  • 4th Max Elliot (IB) – 22.92 (PB)
  • 5th Nathanael Mitchell (SB) – 52.54
  • 2nd Abdi Hasan (SB) – 1:58.80
  • 6th Gregory Hayward (SB) – 2:01.86
  • 2nd Kate Howard (IG) – 2:19.95
  • 6th Amelia Honor (JG) – 2:23.18
  • 2nd Seamus Robinson (JB) – 4:19.94 (PB)
75m H
  • 5th Naomi Dawson (JG) – 11.97 (PB)
300m H
  • Daisy Harvey (IG) – 50.82
1500m S/C
  • 9th Emily Whitaker (IG) – 5:40.49
  • 1st Luke Ball (JB) – 1.93m (PB)
  • 5th Fiona Barkley (IG) – 1.64m
  • 3rd Ben Latham (SB) – 3.20m
  • 2nd Liam Hillier (IB) – 3.60m (PB)
  • 1st Adam Nolan (JB) – 2.80m (PB)
  • 2nd Hannah Lewis (IG) – 2.60m
  • 2nd Grace Horsell (JG) – 2.20m
  • 5th Lucy Durham (SG) – 10.31m
  • 7th Toby Conibear (IB) – 33.06m
  • 1st Toby Conibear (IB) – 63.60m (PB + CBP)
  • 3rd Owen Merrett (IB) – 51.91m
  • 4th James Viner (IB) – 51.31m (PB)
  • 1st Matthew Page (JB) – 32.48m (PB)
  • 1st Theo Spurrell (JB) – 46.60m (PB)
  • 5th Jodie Dale (SG) – 30.75m

Toby Conibear in Hammer, threw 63.60m, breaking the 10 year old championship record! (This throw also beats coach Matt Spicer’s PB by 6cm and knocked Matt down a position on the all time rankings!). Toby now sits at 51 on the all time list and in 3rd place on the 2019 UK rankings.

Dan Brooks won both the Senior 100m and 200m, both with National Standard times – incredible!?

Luke Ball comfortably won the Junior boys high jump with a PB of 1.93m, which secures his place at the top of the UK rankings by 9cm and places him 15th on the all time list – and is also a new club record!


The Avon Track and Field League, which got under way on Sunday at Gloucester, is a chance for all club members to have a go, including some parents competing at the same event as their children possibly for the first time since the three-legged race at infants school sports day. There were Yate winners from both male and female sides, and in all age groups. Despite the meeting being away from home, the Yate team won the overall match with 1123 points ahead of the North Somerset with 961. Yate men were convincing winners, while the women were pipped by the North Somerset ladies.

Several Yate athletes were competing for the second day running, but still managed to win their events. In the pole vault, Liam Hillier in the under-17 men and Adam Nolan in the under-15 boys were both winners. Adam apparently well recovered from an incident with a

broken pole in mid-week. Seamus Robinson dropped down a distance to win the under-15 boys 800m. Luke Ball also turned out for the second day in the weekend, winning both long jump and 80m hurdles, and then taking part in the successful 4x100m relay.

On the girls’s side, Fiona Barkley won her second high jump competition of the weekend with a jump of 1.63m, backed up by Eva Purse who took second place. There were wins too for Naomi Dawson in the under-15 girls 75m hurdles; for Grace Horswell and Hannah Lewis in the pole vault; Lucy Durham in the triple jump, and Katie Robbins in the 400m.

Josh Snook, back from university in America, won the senior men’s 200m in 22.1 secs – clearly benefitting from the expert US coaching.

All in all a fine start to the Avon Track and Field campaign, promising a great deal for the rest of the summer.

  1. Yate 1151.5
  2. North Somerset 984.5
  3. Team Bath 813
  4. Gloucester 663
  5. Bristol & West 604.5
  6. Forest of Dean 321.5
  7. South Glos 96

Provisional results

Ciaran Merrett

  • 75m – 14.67s
  • LJ – 2.41m

Adam Merrett

  • SP – 7.56m (PB)
  • HT – 17.60m
  • JT – 24.62m (PB)

Owen Merrett

  • DT – 28.82m (PB)
  • HT – 47.30m
  • JT – 41.55m (PB)

Schools championships are important because they lead up to the biggest meeting of the year – English Schools, the national championships. With the Yate track still not quite finished, the Avon Schools Championships had to move to the Kip Keino stadium in Bradley Stoke. The weather was not kind, but nearly twenty Yate athletes came out winners.

Notable among them were Dan Brooks winning both 100m and 200m with Isaac Cory coming second in both races. Dan’s time of 10.8 secs emphasised just how good he has become in the last twelve months.

Club-mate Nathaniel Mitchell came home a clear winner in the Inter Boys400m with a time 0f 52.1 secs. And Abdi Hasan romped home in the 800m. His time of 1:57.3 secs will not have pleased him, being still three seconds short of the English Schools qualifying time.

Seamus Robinson was streets clear of the next boy home in Junior Boys 1500m with a atime of 4:28.1 secs. Luke Ball’s winning jump in the high jump was modest by his standard but still a good 30 centimetres better than his nearest rival.

In the Inter Boys hammer competition there could only be one winner. Toby Conibear hurled the hammer out three times farther than the only other boy in the competition – once again well clear of 60 metres. Toby also won the discus.

The Inter Girls middle distance events were sewn up by Yate athletes, with Kate Howard winning the 800m, Dalis Jones the 1500m and Rosie Hamilton-Jones the 3000m. Dalis was particularly impressive, coming home nearly 20 seconds ahead of the competition.




  • Fiona Barkley (U17) – 6th – 14.0s
  • Imogen Latham (U15) – 6th – 14.2 (PB)
  • Massie Laddle (U15) – 3rd h2 – 14.1


  • Fiona Barkley (U17) – 1st – 1.60m
  • Eva Purse (U17) – 4th= – 1.45m (PB)


  • Imogen Latham (U15) – 6th – 4.19m


  • Charlie Hosking (U17) – 4th – 10.59m (PB)


  • Jodie Dale (U20) – 1st – 33.10m

Not all Yate athletes go to school in Avon.

At the Wiltshire championships, Owen Merrett and James Viner had the Inter Boys throws sorted.  Owen won both hammer and javelin, while James was second in hammer and discus.

In the Junior Boys, Theo Spurrell won the javelin with a terrific throw of 44.55m.

Alfie King (U17) – 100m – 12.16s (PB)

Thomas King (U13) – 100m – 14.24s (PB)

Seamus Robinson (U15) – 800m – 2:09.53


Yvette Westwood (U23) 

  • 1st – 100m – 11.90s (w)
  • 2nd – 200m – 24.95s (w)

Ben Wells (U23)

  • Set a new PB of 21.62s (w) in the Heats
  • Finished 5th in the final with 21.69s (w)

Adam Wilson T20/F20 (U23)

  • 8th – 1500m – 4:16.05s

1500m – Emily Whitaker (U17) – 5:17.03s


  • Tracy Watson (V45) – 16.8s


  • Kane Lee (SEN) – 51.14s


  • Henry Watson (U13) – 2:54.40


  • Henry Watson (U13) – 3.45m (PB)


  • Owen Merrett (U17) – 8.77m (PB)
  • Adam Merrett (U13) – 6.79m
  • Ciaran Merrett (U11) – 4.54m (PB)


  • Owen Merrett (U17) – 51.76m
  • Adam Merrett (U13) – 17.51m


  • Owen Merrett (U17) – 32.48m
  • Tracy Watson (v45) – 13.01m
  • Lucas Harrell (U13) – 31.00m (PB)
  • Henry Watson (U13) – 30.99m (PB)
  • Adam Merrett (U13) – 22.07m

YDL Upper Age – Sunday 26th May – Exeter Report

28 Yate & District athletes travelled to Exeter to take part in the 2nd YDL match.

The rain held off with the wind helping the sprinters, though in some cases a little too strong to give them legal times.

Both Dan Brooks and Isaac Cory achieved legal PB’s in the U20’s 200m, giving Dan his 2nd ES standard and helping Isaac to creep a little closer to his first. Isaac also achieved a PB in the U20’s 400m.

Kate Robbins, with her new-found confidence, won the U20s 400m A race in magnificent style again dipping under 60secs, and followed it up by a win in the U20 800B race with her best time over that distance.

Toby Conibear threw over 60m in the U17’s Hammer.  He was ably supported by Owen Merrett in the B who, again, threw over the ES Entry Standard of 50m.

Other PB’s were achieved by Toby Conibear and James Viner in the U17’s Discus and Liam Hillier in the 400H.

Season bests were achieved by Lucy Durham and Jess Mead.

The 27 athletes between them clocked up 239 points with 14 1st places. We also had representation in 6 of the 8 relays that clocked up 63 points.

The team, having achieved over 750 points in Swansea, I did not think it was possible to improve on that score but obviously the athletes thought differently as we finished the day again in first with a staggering 817 points, and again 150 points clear of our nearest rivals.

  1. Team Avon 817
  2. Team DC 661
  3. Cardiff AAC 537
  4. Swansea Harriers 510.5
  5. Cardiff Archers 370.5
  6. West Wales 158
Standings after 2 matches
  1. Team Avon 12 points 1574 match Points
  2. Swansea Harriers 8 points 1113.5 match Points
  3. Team DC 8 points 1103 match points
  4. Cardiff AAC 8 points 999 match Points
  5. Cardiff Archers 4 points 769.5 match points
  6. West Wales 2 points 456 match Points





  • Toby Conibear (U17) – 61.34m
  • Owen Merrett (U17) – 48.87m

1500m – Adam Wilson T20/F20 (U23) – 4:10.17s

3000m – Joe Connors (U23) – 8:54.96s (PB)


The combined Bristol & West/Yate & District team achieved a convincing win in the first match of the 4 match summer series, to set up the season well, and hopefully drive towards regaining the league title that was won in 2017, and narrowly missed out on in 2018.

A pleasant temperature and calm conditions awaited the team at Horspath Stadium, Oxford, where league newcomers Abingdon AC were hosting the match as their own stadium is currently under refurbishment.

The team looked good on paper, with only a couple of unfilled positions, and the athletes performed fantastically, taking victories in a good number of events, and picking up good points across the board. As the match scores were updated through this afternoon, it quickly became a 2 horse race between us and Notts, and at the end we pulled well clear, to win convincingly.

There were quite a few new names this year, with some first year U17s stepping up to the league, alongside longer serving contributors across all age groups.

The Men’s short sprints were a highlight, with Daniel Brooks picking up victories in the 100m and 200m, going <11sec once again in the 100m, and gaining a pb in the 200m. Ben Wells complemented this with a <22sec clocking for the 200m A string victory, to underline the rich vein of form he has been showing recently. In the Ladies 400m, both of our athletes, Jess Frazer and Katie Robbins, smashed their pb’s and scored excellent points. They later combined, along with Grace and Eliza, to bring the relay team home to a fantastic second place. The Men’s 800m B string race was one to behold, with Abdi (guesting) setting off from the gun and dragging the whole field through to fast times, including our own Greg Hayward who smashed his pb by 5 seconds! Danni Sinclair, an U17 new to the team, was in fine form winning both her 800m A string and 1500m B string, and another new U17, Dalis Jones, completed the Women’s middle distance by comfortably winning her 1500m A string, the only athlete of the day going under 5min. There was a double victory in the Men’s 5000m, with Kurt Taylor and Andrew Watt picking up top honours, Kurt having just missed out on the victory in the A string 1500m earlier on. The women’s 400m H is usually a tough event to find athletes for, but we had 4 for this match, and picked up great points, with 2 PBs being set. Alexia Bennett-Cordy also competed in the 100m and LJ as a guest. In the field the highlight from our perspective was Toby Conibear in the Men’s Hammer, still an U17, adding 6m to his pb with the Senior weight to pick up second place in the A string. He was admirably supported by newcomer Reece Straker, who picked up first place in the B string. The Ladies Long Jump saw a double victory with Tia Jackson and Andrea Jesudason, and with 2 guest jumpers also performing very well bodes well for the season. Another event with strength in depth was the Ladies Javelin, with Jodie Dale coming second in the A string, and Anyha Kerr winning the B string, and Jo and Maria supporting them as guests. Overall, it was a combination of some exceptional performances, alongside good coverage through all events that helped us to a great victory, and we now look forward to the next match at Alexander Stadium, which will be our last outing there before the stadium is remodelled for the Commonwealth Games. There were numerous SB’s across the board, and several PB’s achieved, as listed below: Women’s PB’s:

  • Alexia Bennett-Cordy (100m & 400mH)
  • Jess Frazer (400m)
  • Katie Robbins (400m)
  • Samantha Barrett (400mH)
  • Niamh Boulton (SP)
  • Maria Townsend (DT)

Men’s PB’s:

  • Daniel Brooks (200m)
  • Greg Hayward (800m)
  • Alberto Beltran (1500m)
  • Andrew Watt (5000m)
  • David Eagon (5000m)
  • Nathan Marchant (5000m)
  • James Casling (400mH)
  • Timothy White (2000m s/c)
  • Liam Hillier (LJ)
  • Lewis Wall (LJ & TJ)
  • Toby Conibear (HT)

Steve Grant, Pete Mountain and Matt Muggeridge

Owen Merrett and James Viner (both U17) travelled to Lee Valley in search of competition and were both rewarded with a new PB performance in the Hammer Throw.

  • Owen won the competition with a best of 54.01m
  • James came second with a best of 49.74m.  Just 26cm away from the magical 50m mark and English Schools “Entry Standard”.

These results have, at the time of writing, put Owen in 6th place and James in 12th place on the UK Power of 10 Rankings.

Fellow squad member, Toby Conibear, is currently positioned in 3rd place in the same rankings, but was on senior duty at the first Midland League meeting in Oxford, where he threw a very respectable 46.76m using the heavier senior implement.



Well done everyone!!!

Our 2nd round at Cheltenham started a little chilly but the sun was doing it’s best to break through for what promised to be a sunny ish (!) day…

Special shout outs to Harry Williams for coming back after leaving to run the Relay as more drop outs happened… Thomas King & Ruby Saunders who got moved about quite a bit and Lucas Harrell who was prepared to come early at the last minute for the 200m if needed. Molly Bryant and Beth Clarke who had school commitments first and Imogen Latham who stepped in last minute for the girls relay, Laura Chance won the 1200m by a country mile and Katie Whittaker stepped off the track after the 1500m and straight into the 4x300m Relay! SUPER proud of everyone’s team spirit and commitment.

Out next match is Sunday June 23rd at our home ground YOSC with it’s BRAND NEW TRACK!! It was a shame to have 3 or 4 athletes “dropping out” in the week leading up to this match, however it is an improvement on the 12 last time! Please, please can I ask for 48hrs notice where possible so I can offer the places to other athletes and give them enough time to prepare, especially parents who all of a sudden have to drive somewhere!

This is NATIONAL level, it’s an awesome opportunity and stands out on the power of 10 profile… please talk to your coaches and ensure training is correct leading up to the competition, you should be “peaking” on the day – not too tired. Remember to warm up and cool down PROPERLY…. you are national level athletes and need to look after yourselves!

However, despite the team gaps your/our athletes have 110% and did your club, me and your coaches proud with your efforts… We finished in 6th place, with only 40 or so points difference between us and 5th place. This is an amazing achievement considering we had a small boys team and gaps in the u13 girls team and lost a whole boys relay team. We had SO many PB’s too!! Adam Nolan pb’d in 300m again, Hannah Holman through 35m in hammer and nearly 7m in shot and Eve Saunders stepped in to do hammer last minute for those valuable points! Theo Spurrell also stepped into hammer last minute and won! Will Taylor pb’d in Shot, Henry in Javelin, Maddy H-S in Javelin and Amy Nolan in High Jump – to name only a few!!!!

I’d also like to say a MASSIVE thank you to the parents that help on the day and all our officials which stand all day officiating, also earning us valuable points, we had the 2nd highest officials points, you are all amazing…

Results posted on the fb group page. Please notify me within 24 hours if anything is wrong.

Forever proud

Sam Hillier-Smith


The 2nd round of the lower age group YDL yesterday at Cheltenham started a little chilly but the sun was doing it’s best to break through for what promised to be a sunny ish (!) day…

Special shout outs to Thomas King and Ruby Saunders who got moved about quite a bit; Lucas Harrell who was prepared to come early at the last minute for the 200m if needed; Molly Bryant and Beth Clarke who came after school commitments first; Imogen Latham who stepped in last minute for the girls relay; Katie Whittaker who stepped off the track after the 1500m and straight into the 4x300m Relay; Hannah with a fantastic hammer throw that flattened the 35m cone (sadly a no throw though!); Theo who won the hammer stepping in at the last minute, and Harry Williams who was on his way home when he got a call to come back to take part in the U15 boys 4 x100m relay … which they won in style!

We still had quite a few gaps in the team, but all but all our athletes gave 110% and did us proud! We finished in 6th place, with only 40 or so points difference between us and 5th place. This is an amazing achievement considering we had a small boys team and gaps in the U13’s girls team and lost a whole boys relay team at the last minute.

We had SO many PB’s too!! Take a look at this list… and we’ve probably missed some too! (comment below of your PB is not mentioned here!)

U15 boys
Adam: 300m, hurdles
Luke: HJ, hurdles, discus
Theo: 100m, hammer
Will: Shot

U15 girls
Imogen: 100m, LJ
Audrey: 100m
Maddie: 200m
Naomi: 300m, hurdles
Emily: HJ
Amelia: 800m
Clementine: 1500m
Hannah: shot
Eve: shot

U13 boys
Theo: 100m, 200m
Leon: 200m, Shot
Akira: 100m, 800m
Henry: 1500m, javelin
George: HJ, LJ
Thomas: LJ

U13 girls
Natasha M: 75m, 150m
Maeve: 800m
Maddy: hurdles, javelin
Amy: HJ, Shot
Natasha R: shot, javelin

A massive well done to all our athletes, whether or not you got a PB this time, you all contributed points and are a vital part of the team! Well done to team manager Sam, who encouraged the athletes all day, as well as having to make lots of last minute changes as needed!

A huge thank you also to the parents that help on the day and to all our officials, who also earn us valuable points, we had the 2nd highest officials points of the match! Our officials team did the pole vault, amongst others, which started at 1m70 and finished at 3m70 – taking over two hours!

Next match is June 23rd. If you’re in school years 6, 7, 8 or 9 and would like to take part please get in touch with our fabulous team manger Sam!

These results are based on Power of 10.  Some athletes were ineligible to compete in these championships and did so as a guest.


  • 3rd – Thomas King (U13) – 14.6s
  • 3rd – Imogen Latham (U15) – 14.4s (PB)
  • 2nd – Ben Latham (U20) – 25.5s
  • 2nd – Dylan Armstrong (U17) – 55.0s
  • 3rd – Leon Walsh (U13) – 2:40.3s (PB)
  • 6th – Henry Watson (U13) – 2:55.7s
  • 2nd – Dalis Jones (U17) – 4:52.0s
  • 3rd – Henry Watson (U13) – 1.00m
  • 1st – Ben Latham (U20) – 3.60m (PB)
  • 3rd – Imogen Latham (U15) – 4.25m
  • 1st – Reece Straker (SEN) – 42.47m
  • 1st – Toby Conibear (U17) – 62.56m
  • 2nd – Georges Cooper (U13) – 24.06m (PB)
  • 2nd – Karen Jones (V55) – 36.21m
  • 1st – Jodies Dale (U20) – 32.51m
  • 2nd – Imogen Latham (U15) – 19.15m (PB)
  • 1st – Lucas Harrell (U13) – 29.00m (PB)
  • 2nd – Henry Watson (U13) – 20.52m (PB)

1st – Kane Lee (SEN) – 100m – 11.67s

1st – Kane Lee (SEN) – 200m – 23.87s

3rd – Amelia Honor (U15) – 800m – 2:26.48s

3rd – Daisy Harvey (U17) – 300mH – 50.45s

1st – Aiden Noble (U20) – 200mSC – 6:52.56s (PB)

Adam Merrett (U13)

  • 1st – Hammer – 18.05m
  • 2nd – Shot – 7.23m
  • 4th – Javelin – 23.47m

Matthew Page (U15)

  • 1st – Hammer – 25.72m
  • 2nd – Shot – 7.74m

Theo Spurrell (U15)

  • 1st – Javelin – 41.47m

James Viner (U17)

  • 1st Discus – 31.55m
  • 1st – Shot – 10.07m
  • 2nd Hammer – 47.92m

Owen Merrett (U17)

  • 1st – Hammer – 49.32m
  • 2nd – Javelin – 36.42m
  • 2nd – Discus – 27.38m

Christopher Page (U17)

  • 4th – Discus – 19.74m

Scott Collier (U17)

  • 4th – 100m – 12.26s

Daniel Brooks (U20) – 100m – 10.9s

Fiona Barkley (U17) – 100m – 13.6s

Abigail Williams (U17) –

  • 100m – 14.1s
  • 200m – 29.0s

Henry Watson (U13) –

  • 100m – 16.0s (PB)
  • 800m – 2:52.2s

Liam Hillier (U17) – 200m – 26.1s

Lucy Durham (U20) – 200m – 29.6s

Adam Nolan (U15) – 300m – 40.5s (PB)

Seamus Robinson (U15) – 800m – 2:06.2s (PB)

Christopher Page (U17) – 800m – 2:39.2s

Dalis Jones (U17) – 1500m – 4:53.7s

Daniel Brooks (U20) – 100m – 10.9s

Fiona Barkley (U17) –

  • 100m – 13.6s
  • HJ – 1.60m

Abigail Williams (U17) –

  • 100m – 14.1s
  • 200m – 29.0s

Henry Watson (U13) –

  • 100m – 16.0s (PB)
  • 800m – 2:52.2s
  • LJ – 3.44m (PB)

Liam Hillier (U17) –

  • 200m – 26.1s
  • PV – 3.11m

Lucy Durham (U20) –

  • 200m – 29.6s
  • TJ – 10.08m

Adam Nolan (U15) –

  • 300m – 40.5s (PB)
  • PV – 2.70m
  • JT – 33,45m (PB)

Seamus Robinson (U15) – 800m – 2:06.2s (PB)

Christopher Page (U17) –

  • 800m – 2:39.2s
  • LJ – 4.73m (PB)
  • DT – 16.33m (PB)

Dalis Jones (U17) – 1500m – 4:53.7s

Amelia Honor (U15) – 5:03.8s (PB)

Akira Bees (U13) – 5:03.7s (PB)

Adam Brooks (U23) – HJ – 2.00m

Hannah Lewis (U17) – PV – 2.70m (PB + CLUB RECORD)

Ella Tsangari (U15) –

  • LJ – 2.82m
  • DT – 12.83m (PB)

Chloe Lennon (U15) –

  • LJ – 2.67m
  • DT – 11.26m (PB)

Ruby Tsangari (U13) – LJ – 3.01m

Matt Page (U15) –

  • SP – 8.05m
  • HT – 23.85m (PB)

William Taylor (U15) –

  • SP – 5.45m (PB)
  • DT – 14.32m (PB)
  • JT – 21.40m (PB)

Leah Hale (U20) –

  • SP – 7.61m (PB)
  • HT – 36.73m (PB)

Tracy Watson (V45) – DT – 15.02m (CLUB RECORD)

Toby Conibear (U17) – HT – 62.63m (PB)

Karen Jones (V55) – HT – 33.27m

Theo Spurrell (U15) – JT – 37.56m

RESULTS:  https://www.thepowerof10.info/results/results.aspx?meetingid=285952


YDL U/A – Sunday 5th May – Swansea Report

Sunday was an amazing day and a tremendous start for this year’s Team Avon in their bid to reach the National Final again in September.

The match opened with both senior teams winning both the A and B races in the 400H, and that appeared to be the theme of the day with many more double 1sts, in fact the team went on to achieve 24 A 1sts and 22 B 1sts, 18 of which were achieved by Yate & District athletes. With pbs coming thick and fast and athletes achieving ES standards , the overall result was way beyond any expectations that Sandra and I had.

Yate and District was well represented with 12 men and 12 women, covering 40 places, with representation in 4 out of the 8 relays.

Out of the 24 pbs achieved, our athletes achieved 16, which, considering they have had a winter without their own track, is an excellent achievement.


Isaac Cory – U20 100 & 200m

Ben Latham – U20 Javelin

Abdi Hassen – U20 3000m

Dylan Armstrong – U17 400m

Ceredig Jones – U17 800m

James Viner – U17 Shot, Discus and Hammer

Toby Conibear – U17 hammer

Katie Robbins – U20 400m and 800m

Jodie Dale – U20 Javelin

Kate Howard – U17 300m

Daisy Harvey – U17 300H

Hannah Lewis – U17 PV

Out of the 7 ES standards achieved 3 were done by Yate & District athletes

Daniel Brooks – U20 100m – 12.92s

Toby Conibear – U17 Hammer – 59.88m ns

Fiona Barkley – U17 HJ – 1.65m


The start of every athletics season is a nightmare for team managers, having to put together groups of young athletes who have grown, or moved up an age group, or changed their events – and all without knowing what has been happening in the clubs they will have to compete against. For Team Avon team managers, Sandra Woodman and Lesley Nunn, the task was complicated by having to communicate with athletes from four different clubs, and while the track at Yate has been out of action for more than six months.

In the event, they need not have worried quite so much. The team they put together didn’t just win their match. They slaughtered the opposition, finishing the day more than 150 points clear of Swansea, their nearest rival. Lesley Nunn said, “I’d have been happy with 600 points. Instead, they piled up 740!”

In a match where Yate & District athletes amassed eighteen personal best performances and seventeen first places, it’s hard to pick out individual achievements: the whole team pulled together and created a first class platform for the rest of the season.

Perhaps the race of the afternoon came in the under-20 3000m where Abdi Hasan led from start to finish and came home in a new PB of 9:00.56. He was pushed all the way by the Cardiff runner who sat on his shoulder throughout, threatening to overtake him in the last lap. Twice, if not three times, he made a push to take the lead, but each time Abdi responded with an extra increase of pace. In the last 100m there was no doubt at all that the Yate athlete was going to win, roared home by his team mates.

Dalis Jones was another 3000m winner in the under-17 girls event. In her case, she came to the line well clear of the opposition in 10:32.42 secs.

Two pairs of Yate athletes achieved double wins. Dan Brooks and Isaac Cory shared the under-20 sprint events. In the 100m, Dan won in 10.92 secs – not a personal best, but still mightily impressive – and Isaac won the B race in a PB of 11.44 secs. Stepping up to the 200m, Dan clocked 22.45 secs while Isaac broke his previous best with 22.99 secs.

Toby Conibear and James Viner gained four PBs between them in the throwing events. Discus is a second event for both of them. Toby threw 31.42m and James 30.28m. The hammer is where they both excel. Toby has been threatening 60m for a while now, coming closer with every competition. Here the hammer came down just 12 centimetres short, being measured at 59.88m. James’ results are also creeping up and here he threw 46.92m.

Katie Robbins also took two PBs in the under-20 women’s 400m and 800m. Jodie Dale also improved on previous efforts with a throw of 35.74m in the javelin. Fiona Barkley won the high jump, well ahead of the opposition with 1.65m.

The afternoon saw a succession of Team Avon performances that left the other runners, throwers and jumpers well behind. It all promises very well for the rest of the season, though the team managers are well aware that nothing can be taken for granted.

The following day, in Cheltenham, Toby final broke the 60m barrier with a massive throw of 62.63m. The club record is a mere one and a half metres further, so we have to say that it is in danger.


Congratulations to Team Avon who won the first match of the Upper Age Group YDL in Swansea yesterday! In fact, they finished more than 150 points ahead of the second-place team, Swansea Harriers!

It was a great day, with Yate AC athletes playing a vital role in the team (Team Avon is a composite team with athletes from Yate, Bristol & West, Team Bath and Mendip AC – wearing maroon and yellow) and achieving 18 PB’s between them, with several first place finishers! Every point counts in a team competition, and we are so thrilled with every one of our club athletes who contributed their best to this fantastic result, especially those who have just moved up from the Lower Age Group!

Official results have yet to be published, but a few highlights include: Abdi and Dalis both winning their 3000m races, Dan and Cory winning the A and B U20 100m and 200m, Toby and James winning the A and B U17 hammer and discus, Fiona winning the U17 HJ.

Well done to team managers Sandra and Lesley for putting the team together and thanks to all our officials for their hard work during the day.

Yvette Westwood (U23):

  • 100m – 12.23w – 3rd in h1
  • 100m – 12.31 – 5th in s2

Ben Wells (U23):

  • 200m – 22.23 – 2nd in h7
  • 200m – 21.88w – 4th in s3

Jo Smerdon

  • JT – 30.70m – 9th in qB


  • Abdi Hasan (U20) – 4:06.13s
  • Seamus Robinson (U15) – 4:26.67s (PB)
  • George Peacock (U15) – 5:10.29s
  • Henry Watson (U13) – 5:50.59s (PB)


  • Adam Wilson T20/F20 (U23) – 9:00.73s (PB)

Rosie Hamilton-James (U17) – 1500m – 4:57.12 (PB)

James Viner

  • DT – 29.32m (PB)
  • HT – 45.09m

Owen Merrett

  • HT – 48.69m

Ben Wells (U23) – 200m – 21.82w (PB)

Joe Connors (U23) – 3000m – 9:00.04s (PB)

Dan Brooks (U20)

  • 100m – 11.05s
  • 200m – 22.46s

Grace Horswell (U15)

  • 300m – 46.44s
  • 800m – 2:29.32 (PB)
  • HJ – 1.12m

Amelia Honor (U15)

  • 800m – 2:21.88 (PB)

Fiona Barkley (U17)

  • HJ – 1.67m (PB & CLUB RECORD)
  • LJ – 4.54m

Christopher Page (U17)

  • LJ – 4.45m

Lucy Durham (U20)

  • TJ – 9.75m

Theo Spurrell (U15)

  • JT – 41.43m (PB)

Sophie Page (U13)

  • JT – 13.45m (PB)

Henry Watson (U13)

  • 800m – 2:50.96 (PB)
  • 100m – 16.18s (PB)
  • JT – 17.72m (PB)
  • Madison Hillier Smith (U13)  – 70mH – 17.18s (PB)
  • Naomi Dawson (IU15) – 75mH – 12.61s (PB)
  • Lewis Wall (U17) – 100mH – 21.14s (PB)
  • Daisy Harvey (U17) – 300mH – 50.04s (PB)
  • Christopher Page (U17) – 1500mSC – 6:15.45s (PB)
  • Lewis Wall (U17) – 1500mSC – 6:42.30s (PB)
  • Aiden Noble (U20) – 2000mSC – 6:54.37s (PB)
  • Matt Page (U15) – Shot – 7.85m
  • Lewis Wall (U17) – Discus – 18.89m

Owen Merrett (U17) – HT – 50.46m (PB)

Toby Conibear (U17) – Hammer Throw – 58.31m (PB)

Grace Horswell

  • 300m – 47.91s
  • 800m – 2:37.07s

Seamus Robinson

  • 800m – 2:10.86s
  • Adam Brooks (U23) – 1.95m
  • Luke Ball (U15) – 1.73m
  • David Thomas (U20) – 1.70m
  • Fiona Barkley (U17) – 1.63m (CLUB RECORD)
  • Adam Nolan (U15) – 1.55m (PB)
  • Harry Williams (U15) – 1.35m (PB)
  • Eva Purse (U17) – 1.35m
  • Emily Kovac (U15) – 1.25m
  • Felicity Whiteway (U15) – 1.15m (PB)
  • Daragh Keane (U13) – 1.15m
  • Amelie Wong (U15) – 1.15m
  • Mina Tompkins (U15) – 1.10m (PB)
  • Thomas Wilby (U13) – 1.05m (PB)
  • Henry Watson (U13) – 1.05m (PB)
  • Liam Hillier (U17) – 3.50m (PB + CLUB RECORD)
  • Adam Nolan (U15) – 2.40m
  • Hannah Lewis (U17) – 2.40m
  • Megan Williams (U17) – 2.20m
  • Sophie Hornung (U15) – 1.70m (PB)
  • Harry Williams (U15) – 1.60m (PB)
  • David Thomas (U20) – 5,84m (PB)
  • Liam Hillier (U17) – 5.32m (PB)
  • Chloe Lennon (U15) – 4.96m (PB)
  • Felicity Whiteway (U15) – 4.13m (PB)
  • Mina Tompkins (U15) – 3.92m (PB)
  • Amy Nolan (U13) – 3.75m (PB)
  • Lewis Wall (U17) – 3.74m (PB)
  • Henry Watson (U13) – 3.34m (PB)
  • Ella Tsangari (U15) 3.32m (PB)
  • Thomas Wilby (U13) – 3.11m (PB)
  • Chloe Lennon (U15) – 2.38m
  • Lucy Durham (U20) – 10.01m
  • Luke Ball (U15) – 9.36m
  • Matt Page (U15) – 8.03m (PB)
  • Hannah Holman (U15) – 6.56m (PB)
  • Adam Merrett (U13) – 6.16m
  • Mina Tompkins (U15) – 4.98m (PB)
  • Felicity Whiteway (U15) – 4.30m (PB)
  • Karen Jones (V55) – 10.59m
  • Owen Merrett (U17) – 23.56m
  • Lewis Wall (U17) – 18.94m
  • Daniel Falconer (U15) – 18.03m (PB)
  • Adam Merrett (U13) – 14.05m
  • Amy Nolan (U13) – 14.49m (PB)
  • Toby Conibear (U17) – 56.63m
  • Owen Merrett (U17) – 46.87m
  • Matt Page (U15) – 22.66m (PB)
  • Karen Jones (V55) – 34.33m
  • Hannah Holman (U15) – 23.53m (PB)
  • Owen Merrett (U17) – 34.97m (PB)
  • Lewis Wall (U17) – 24.84m (PB)
  • Liam Hillier (U17) – 29.09m (PB)
  • Theo Spurrell (U15) – 40.79m (PB)
  • Jodie Dale (U20) – 32.92m
  • Adam Nolan (U15) – 32.46m (PB)
  • Adam Merrett (U13) – 19.12m
  • Henry Watson (U13) – 16.90m
  • Daniel Falconer (U15) – 16.55m (PB)
  • Sophie Page (U13) – 13.42m (PB)


  • Martha Dennis (U11) – 13.9s
  • Rosie Foster (U11) – 14.0s


  • Leon Walsh (U13) – 13.9s
  • Phoebe Havard (U13) – 13.5s
  • Emily Fielding (U13) – 16.9s


  • Akira Bees (U13) – 31.2s
  • Phoebe Havard (U13) – 28.5s


  • Rosie Foster (U11) – 2:41.2s


  • Akira Bees (U13) – 2:34.7s
  • Emily Fielding (U13) – 3:23.8s

Long Jump

  • Leon Walsh (U13) – 3.67m
  • Martha Dennis (U11) – 2.28m
Adam Merrett (U13)
  • JT – 20.80m (PB)
  • HT – 19.10m (PB)
Owen Merrett (U17)
  • JT – 31.63m
  • HT – 48.28m (PB)
Nathanael Mitchell (U20)
  • 400m – 52.24s
Kane Lee (SEN)
  • 100m – 11.58s(w) (PB)
  • 200m – 23.30s(w) (PB)


  • Phoebe Havard  (U13) – 13.8s
  • Molly Bryant (U15) – 14.6s
  • Max Elliot (U17) – 11.5s


  • Phoebe Havard (U13) – 21.2s


  • Max Elliot (U17) – 23.9s

75m Hurdles

  • Naomi Dawson (U15) – 13.0s
Ciaran Merrett (U11)
  • 75m – 14.7s
  • LJ – 1.50m
Owen Merrett (U17)
  • DT – 25.15m(PB)
  • JT – 33.29m
  • HT – 47.79m (PB)
Adam Merrett (U13)
  • DT – 16.09m
  • JT – 19.23m (PB)
  • HT – 18.15m (PB)

James Viner (U17) – DT 24.86m (PB)

Theo Spurrell (U15) – JT 38.86m (PB)

Kane Lee (SEN)

  • 300m – 36.77s (PB)
  • 600m – 1:23.59s

60m (indoor)

  • Luke Ball (U15) – 7.78s (PB)
  • Phoebe Havard (U13) – 8.58s

100m (indoor)

  • Phoebe Havard (U13) – 13.74s (PB)

60m Hurdles (indoor)

  • Luke Ball (U15) – 9.32s

80m Hurdles (indoor)

  • Luke Ball (U15) – 12.53s

High Jump (indoor)

  • Adam Brooks (U23) – 2.03m (PB and SENIOR CLUB RECORD)

Hammer (all three athletes are U17, but threw an U20 implement)

  • Toby Conibear (U17) – 51.24m
  • Owen Merrett (U17) – 40.12m
  • James Viner (U17) – 39.42m


  • Owen Merrett (U17) – 34.49m (PB)


  • 25th – Abdi Hasan – 22:53
  • 198th – Greg Hayward – 25:11
  • 251st – Aiden Noble – 25:59


  • 153rd – James Harrod – 18:55
  • 230th – Joshua Morland – 19:31


  • 24th – Seamus Robinson – 14:21
  • 218th – Luke Shrewsbury – 15:33


  • 33rd – Rosie Hamilton-James – 14:28
  • 94th – Kate Howard – 14:56


  • 179th – Amelia Honor – 12:00
  • 252nd – Grace Horswell – 12:26
  • 329th – Abigail Woodworth – 12:57

Huge well done to the pole vault squad.

Between them they recorded 7 pb’s and even got to meet Britain’s own Holly Bradshaw!!

Arissa Burgess (U13) 1.93 PB and CLUB RECORD – finished 3rd
Amy Nolan (U13) 1.63 PB – finished 4th
Sophie Hornung (U15) 1.63 PB
Grace Horswell (U15) 2.03 PB
Adam Nolan (U15) 2.43 PB – finished 1st
Lewis Wall (U17) 2.13 PB – finished 2nd
Liam Hillier (U17) 3.33 PB and CLUB RECORD- finished 2nd

Then we had:
Hannah Lewis (U17) 2.33
Meg Williams (U17) 2.13
Alex Elliott (U15) 2.03

Megan Elliott (U15) & Ruby Tsangari (U13) have amazing potential and were unlucky to not record a height…

These are amazing results considering lack of facilities over last year, some struggling to fit in training with exams, other sporting commitments and multi event training!


  • 1st Hammer Throw – 33.97m
  • 2nd Weight Throw – 10.56m
  • 121st – Amelia Honor (U15) – 16:20
  • 52nd – Abdi Hasan (U17) – 20:10
  • 211th – Joshua Morland (U17) – 22:08

Congratulations to Dalis, Seamus, Abdi and Rosie who are this year’s champions in their age groups in the Gwent Cross Country League!!

This, as well as the team winners, was decided at the final race of the season at Blaise Castle, where Yate AC runners helped Westbury Harriers put in an excellent performance!

The Girls u13s race was all about the battle for 3rd spot between local rivals Westbury & North Somerset. Westbury had a full strength squad of 15 girls on the start line. With Laura Chance 4th, Evie Turner 5th and Clemmie Lee 7th, Westbury clinched the 3rd spot.

Dalis Jones secured her 3rd Gwent League title in as many years when she finished 5th, and with Amelia Honor 7th, Kate Howard 8th (overall runner up), the u15 Westbury girls finished the season in runners up spot behind Cardiff Archers.

Rosie Hamilton-James clinched her first Gwent League title with her 4th consecutive victory in the u17s race, followed home by team mates Lottie Livesey 7th, Rhiannon Paton 10th and Emily Whitaker 11th. The Westbury girls were comfortable league winners over Cardiff.

On the boys side both Charlie Savage-Swaine & Akira Bees made their league debuts for Westbury and finished a very impressive 6th & 14th from a field of 71 starters, with George Peacock 13th.

Seamus Robinson led the u15 boys team to victory and also became overall champion with a fine 1st place at Blaise. Ceredig Jones 19th, Alexander Wilson 24th, Artie Savage-Swaine 31st, Christopher Page 42nd.

In a tight team battle for the medals in the u17s, Westbury finished runners up, with Abdi Hasan overall champion with victory at Blaise, and with James Harrod 6th, Greg Hayward 7th and Josh Morland 21st, they managed to hold off local rivals North Somerset.

Great results for all you – well done!!

  • 1st:  Seamus Robinson – 13:40 – This result helped put Seamus in to first position over the season.
  • 19th: Ceredig Jones – 15:11
  • 5th: Dalis Jones – 15:51 – This result helped put Dalis in to first position over the season
  • 7th: Amelia Honor – 16:04 – This result helped put Amelia in to sixth position over the season
  • 8th: Kate Howard – 16:11 – This result helped put Kate in to second position over the season
  • 1st: Abdi Hasan – 18:12 – This result helped put Abdi in to first position over the season.
  • 6th: James Harrod – 19:13
  • 7th: Greg Hayward – 19:19
  • 1st: Rosie Hamilton-James – 18:22 – This result helped put Rosie in to first position over the season
  • 7th: Charlotte Livesey – 19:47 – This result helped put Charlotte in to ninth position over the season
  • 10th: Rhiannon Paton – 20:25
  • 11th: Emily Whitaker – 20:28
  • 3rd: Ben Rawlins – 19:17 – This result helped put Seamus in to second position over the season.
  • 4th: Aiden Noble – 19:43 – This result helped put Aiden in to third position over the season.
  • 10th: Jack Derrick – 22:52 – This result helped put Jack in to seventh position over the season

The senior womens Westbury team finished second in Division 1, behind Bristol & West.  The senior mens team finished sixth place in Division 1

Congratulations to Luke Ball who won the high jump Gold medal at the England Athletics Indoor National Championships! A fantastic jump of 1.83m, now places him at the top of the UK rankings in U15 HJ.
Well done Luke

Luke Ball Podium

Luke Ball & EA Mascot

Fiona Barkley competed in the U17W high jump and finished in joint fourth place, just missing out on a podium finish! There were 20 athletes taking part, and Fiona is in her first year in this age group so this is a fantastic achievement!
Well done Fiona!

Fiona Barkley 4th

16th Ellie Hobbs (U17) – 18:51

24th Seamus Robinson (U15) – 14:18

36th Rosie Hamilton-James (U17) – 19:40

153rd Amelia Honor (U15) – 17:46

190th:  Abigail Woodworth (U13) – 12:53

Naomi Dawson (U15) – 10.11s (PB) – 60m Hurdles

Grace Horswell (U15) – 2:30.21 – 800m

Abigail Robson (U20) – 4.24m – Long Jump

Kane Lee (SEN) – 51.36s – 400m

U15 Girls

6th:  Amelia Honor – 19:47

U13 Girls

15th: Caitlin Witham – 12:14


  • Heat 1: 2nd – Yvette Westwood (U23) – 7.63s(PB).  3rd in Round 2 with 7.70s.


  • Heat 7: 5th – Georgia Taylor (U23) – 64.35s


  • 1st: Adam Brooks (Senior) – 2.00m
  • 1st: Luke Ball (U15) – 1.80m
  • 1st: Fiona Barkley (U17) – 1.60m


  • 6th: Fiona Barkley (U17) – 4.79m


8th in Heat 2 – Yvette Westwood (U23) – 7.85s


1st (Wales) – David Thomas – 1.78m

Mens ‘B’ Race (8.2km)

(522 competitors)

49th: Joe Connors – 27:47

Ladies Race (6.2km)

(619 competitors)

218th: Sophie Reed – 26:22

Yvette Westwood (U23)

  • 60m – (3rd) – 7.80s
  • 200m – (2nd) – 25.59s

1st)  Phoebe Havard (U13) – 60m – 8.53s (PB)

1st) Adam Brooks (U23) – HJ – 2.00m

Kane Lee – 400m – 51.43s

U15 GIRLS (4K)

3rd) Dalis Jones – 16:21

U15 BOYS (4K)

7th)  Seamus Robinson – 14:58

Ellie Leather (U23): Mile – 4:54.97s (PB and Club Record)


  • (1st) Yvette Westwood (U23) – 7.76s
  • Caycee Jay Perry (U20) – 8.77s (PB)


  • (1st) Yvette Westwood (U23) – 26.19s


  • Kane Lee (SEN) – 52.34s
  • Camerson Worso (U17) – 57.49s


  • Elliot Chard (U23) – 2:03.49s


  • (1st) Adam Wilson (U23) – 4:17.36s

High Jump

  • (1st) David Thomas (U20) – 1.80m

Long Jump

  • Abigail Robson (U20) – 4.32m

Triple Jump

  • Georgia Crew (U20) – 9.76m
U20 WOMEN (4k)
  • 1st – Ellie Hobbs – 14:33
  • 8th – Phoebe Gould – 17:58
U20 MEN (6.7k)
  • 1st – Abdi Hasan – 21:25
  • 3rd – Ben Rawlins – 21:33
  • 5th – Greg Hayward – 22:41
  • 7th – Aiden Noble – 22:56
  • 13th – Hugh Tarren
U17 WOMEN (4k)
  • 1st Dalis Jones – 14:10
  • 2nd – Rosie Hamilton-James – 14:23
  • 6th – Kate Howard – 15:02
  • 8th – Rhiannon Paton – 15:03
  • 10th – Lottie Livesey – 15:11
  • 12th – Emily Whitaker – 15:40
U17 MEN (5.2k)
  • 5th – JamesHarrod – 16:50
  • 15th – Bryn Davies
  • 16th – Johann Hobbs
  • 27th – Ceredig Jones
  • 29th – Wilbur Hornby
U15 GIRLS (3k)
  • 4th – Clemantine Lee – 10:28
  • 6th – Amelia Honor – 10:46
  • 9th – Grace Horswell – 11:12
U15 BOYS (4k)
  • 1st – Seamus Robinson – 12:58
  • 3rd – Will Connors – 13:53
  • 8th – Owain Davies – 14:09
  • 15th – George Peacock
  • 20th – Frederick Cooper
U13 GIRLS (2.7k)
  • 1st – Laura Chance – 9:14
  • 4th – Jess Hollingberry – 10:04
  • 7th – Corine Jones – 10:06
  • 10th – Zoe Bradbrook – 10:12
  • 14th Eleanor McIntosh
  • 31st – Phoebe Havard
U13 BOYS (3k)
  • 14th – Isaac Osbourne
  • 21st Sam Huckett
  • 31st – Murray Pearson

Yvette Westwood (U23)

  • 60m – 7.81s


  • 28th – Joe Connors – 31.53


  • 22nd – Aidan Noble – 36.19


  • 3rd – Abdi Hasan – 18.05
  • 24th – Greg Hayward – 21.14


  • 27th George Peacock – 13.28


  • 14th Emily Whitaker – 17:10
  • 16th Rhiannon Paton – 17:19


  • 7th Dalis Jones – 14:35

Congratulations to Phoebe Havard  who won the 60m U13 title for the second year running in a time of 8.68s

Also, to Luke Ball who won the U15 60m Hurdles title in a time of 9.23s (PB) AND the U15 Long Jump title with a distance of 5.41m.  A niggle in his knee prevented him from attempting a hat-trick, as he withdrew from the 60m.

David Thomas (U20) – High Jump – 1.75m